In this post/ article we are going to walk you through the best practices to ensure you get the best results when listing your products on AFLETE.

Understanding how to create a professional product and how to create a page that will act as a salesperson for your product is a crucial step for getting your first sale and going on to build your online business so we have highlighted the most common mistakes here, so you don’t make them.

It will only take a few minutes to read and action these steps, but they will save you hours of wondering why no one has bought your product in the future…


Name Your Plan

When thinking of what you should name of your plan, look at who your audience is, what keywords make them excited and capture their attention? You don’t want a boring title but you also don’t want an irrelevant title just because you think it might sound cool.. Try to to come up with something that sounds exciting and clearly has the value for the person of intent. Give it a name that briefly describe what you are selling but also sells it to your audience. This name could be the first contact a potential consumer may have with your product or you, so if you want them to stick around you need to get this spot on.


1. Name your plan 1

What is warrior fitness? Realistically nobody is a warrior, nobody is training to become a warrior so this doesn’t resonate with anyone or trigger any kind of response of emotion.

1. Name your plan 2

This quickly and clear outlines what this is all about! Not only that but keywords like ‘fat loss’ are what instantly click with your audience. For example if I am unfit and looking to drop a few pounds, what am I going to want? Something that will help me lose weight!


Cover Image

Make sure this is relevant! Having a strong theme will help the overall appearance and quality of your product, you  want to keep the visuals inline with what you are actually selling. If it is about bodybuilding, then a picture in relation to weight lifting.

It would be best practice to use a high resolution image, for the purposes that you want to look professional and also have a certain level of quality about your product, afteral the quality of what you put out there is only a reflection of you..

What we think will work: Resolution: 900px x 507px PNG / JPG (not exactly, but at least)


2. Cover image 1

I’m sure all if not, most of your potential clients will have a gym membership or have seen or know what the inside of a gym looks like. This is not relevant to your plan directly.

2. Cover image 2

Images of the workouts that will be in the plan would be great, or images of you training someone would be awesome! Try to avoid using stock images, keep it real and genuine as that’s what your audience is most likely going to engage with. If you have real photos of you training your clients in similar workouts then great or maybe even a transformation. Professional photos would be excellent as they are higher quality but not necessary as long as the resolution is good enough, just keep it real!



On average prices on AFLETE range from between $10 – $50. The lower prices points are usually based on the quality and depth of the plan you’re creating. If you are making a short beginners guide a lower pricing structure would work better for a few simple reasons.

  1. The detail and value is a lot lower than something more premium as it is probably something a lot simpler to create, with a lot less detail (this isn’t to say your product isn’t good if you have to price it lower)
  2. These types of consumers may not know very much about what they are doing or looking for so will feel safer trying something at a more affordable price.
  3. How much the end user is getting out of it? It’s simple the more you give the more you charge, the less you give the less you charge.

Be genuine and don’t be dishonest. Charge what you really believe your product it is worth based on it’s value to your audience. Just ask yourself would you buy it. For more premium packages you are also limiting your audience, to buy online at higher price points their needs to be an existing high level of trust and  the value must be communicated very effectively.


3. Pricing 1

It is online training, don’t get blinded by ego and believe your online training can really be worth 100’s of pounds, if your online training is worth £100’s then your face to face training should be worth £1000’s! Is your face to face training worth £1000’s!? It’s not unlikely. Don’t try to take advantage of clients, afterall you got in this business to help others, right?

3. Pricing 2

A lower price point usually works best, people feel safer to give something ago if it is more affordable. It is simple economics, the lower the price the higher the demand, the higher the price the lower the demand. The higher the volume of sales the greater potential reach you have! Put it in perspective if you sold 5 plans for $130 and they told their 5 friends who also bought it for $130, or if you sold 50 plans at $30 and they loved it and told their 50 friends who also all bought it for $30, well you do the maths..


Description For Your Plan

When writing out your description for your plan, a good idea would be to try to touch upon and answer these following questions as best you can, as these will be the specifics going through the head of a potential client:

Who is this plan for?

Is your plan going to be best suited to men or women, what sort of age bracket will best benefit or will most appeal to.

Clearly define who this plan is for? Make sure you understand who your target market is don’t try and satisfy everyone, not everything works for everyone!

The importance of this is that the better you understand and define your target market, the better you can help them. Also the better you can communicate to them. In online training this is crucial as getting the right message across is the only way someone is going to want to take you on as their trainer.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What are their problems? What are the issues they need to resolve. How is that possible for them to achieve? Can it fit their lifestyle? Does it suit their mentality? The better you know the more you can do for them therefore the more you are seen as valuable to a client. Not everyone is the same! But defining your audience is good because they will all be fairly similar.

If you define and understand your ideal consumer then you also define and understand how to sell to them..

What will this plan achieve?

What is the end goal!? Are clients going to achieve weight loss transformation, gain muscle mass, strengthening and conditioning, greater fitness and wellness.

You need to make clear what this is and what the outcome of doing it will be, without this how will anyone know what they’re signing up for? No one wants to be lied to and have things all fluffed up or exaggerated, only clear concise end goals!

Show of your previous success and what you know you can do. Use any visuals or evidence you have of it. Testimonials are king! Real concrete proof of how you’ve helped real other people.

Why you ask? Well you know what you’re capable of, so prove it! Your target audience won’t know what you’re capable of so show it off to them as best you can. Proof is the best way to convert to a sale.

What equipment does this plan require?

Will anything need to be used during the program, are dumbbells needed, exercise mats or possibly resistance bands?

Don’t mislead anyone! That would be a major faux pas if equipment is needed then make sure you state that and state exactly what. No one wants commit to something and then later realising they need more things in order to do it.

In these types of things people often want flexibility, meaning they can probably do it in a range of locations, at home, in the gym, in a park. So it would be best to keep any equipment to a minimal or something that is easy to acquire and easily mobile.

What is included in this plan?

Give a quick little breakdown of what value someone will be expecting to receive if they buy your plan. Is there only fitness workouts to follow or is their an accompanying nutrition program etc? Do you offer continued support through messaging or Skype calls? How many Skype contacts do you make. Tell us what is your availability for message support is.  Outline all of the big and minor details that increase the value of your product.

It is only a good thing to offer as much value as possible and promoting that can only work in your favour. The more value I the consumer will receive the more reasons to entice them into buying.

Offering added support, through calls and messaging is the usually the best way to add way more value to your product. Often your target market is someone that is new to this training thing, the reason they are looking for help is because they feel clueless and alone when it comes to working out. Supporting them through it is definitely what they will need!

How will you make sure they get results?

What are you offering, what can you commit to assure that anyone that hires your services will achieve the results they desire. What quality assurances have you got in place to ensure the best experiences for any client that wishes to hire you.

How exactly will you get the results? IT is a no brainer why this is so important, no one wants their time wasted! Who wants to do a plan for lets say 3 months and get zero results. Of course this isn’t always down to your training, maybe a client just didn’t put the full work in, but they won’t see it that way, they will see at “this plan was useless!”

Showcase what you have achieved, brag about what you have done and the success you have got for clients in the past. Here is your opportunity to gloat! Because this is where it matters, if you are not confident in what you have and can achieve, then potential clients won’t have any confidence in you or what you can do either, therefore won’t want to hire you.

If people have done your training and succeeded from doing so then show it off! This is the best selling point and most powerful marketing tool you will have. Real proof of real achievable results. Show images of transformations and real testimonials.

4. Description for your plan 1

5. Description for your plan 2

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