If you are not using Pinterest to attract new clients to your PT business yet then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, whether that is your personal website, Aflete profile or another social media profile.

In this article you will learn the 6 key steps you need take in order to make the most of your Pinterest profile.

1. Use your own name

When you are setting up your account, make your display name the same as your real name. This will give your profile a more personal feel and other pinners will be more willing to engage with you, rather than if you promoted your services as a company.

2. Take time to plan and set up your boards properly

Start of with 10-20 fitness related boards and spend time pinning relevant, well-designed pins. By maintaining a high quality standard across your profile you will encourage others to revisit your profile and pin your content regularly.

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3. Link other social media accounts

Link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. This will let visitors find out more about you and possibly go on to hire you as their personal trainer. You should make it as easy as possible for someone to find the information they need and buy your service.

4. Find out what your ideal client is pinning

Identify who your ideal client is and do some research into what they are pinning on Pinterest. Pin similar posts on your own page to encourage re-pins and followers from your target market.

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5. Engage with others

Like, comment and follow your ideal clients on Pinterest. It is very likely that they will return the favour and re-pin your content onto their own boards. This is great for you as their friends, who are likely to fit your target market will see your content too and will hopefully be drawn to your profile.

6. Don’t just self-promote

Your boards should display content from various fitness related topics. It will seem more natural and less ‘salesy’ if you are sharing content about your favourite athletes, fitness celebrities, nutrition tips etc, as well as your own. A good general rule of thumb to follow is for everyone piece of self promotion content, post 4 non-self promotion pieces of content.

If you follow these steps then your Pinterest will be looking great and you will be on your way to finding clients online in no time!

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