Ever wondered if you should take your personal training business online? Well why wouldn’t you? If has so much more to offer you (and your clients) than the traditional personal training method has.

We answer the most common questions asked personal trainers, about moving their personal training business online.

What does having my personal training business online offer?

By taking your personal training business online, you open yourself and your services to so many more potential clients. Not only potential clients that may live further afield, but also to clients that may already wish to work with you but know that it is not normally affordable for them. You may already offer clients more than just their 1-on-1 session. You may already create long term plans for your current clients to follow. Therefore, selling these online to more potential clients create more income, but without having to take too much of your time.

What sort of content should I provide if I have my personal training business online?

There are no set rules as to the type of personal training content you could provide when putting your personal training business online. However, the better your content is, the better it is likely to sell. Creating a template that you can create a tailor made programme into is a great idea. The template is then there every time you have a new sale, and you can gather the information needed from the client and write the programme to go alongside easily. With online personal training, you need to remember that you will not be there with the client when they complete your workout or programme. Therefore, explaining exercises and training methods in more detail that you would do normally is essential. You could even include short videos or images to demonstrate; helping your client even more!

How can I get my personal training business online?

Aflete offers you the perfect platform to start you off if you want to put your personal training business online. The Aflete Academy will help you every step of the way; from how to manage your clients online to how to make your first sale. Get involved now to get yourself ahead!

With Aflete you can:

-Get as many clients as you like

-Manage them all, track their progress and help them reach their goals.

-Get paid instantly with Paypal

-Sell videos, e-books and custom bespoke training packages.

You can see more about becoming an online trainer.




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