We have researched how personal trainers can improve their sessions with their clients and how you can maintain them as long as you can, build your reputation and your brand. If you want to be really successful personal trainer and be well known in the fitness industry.

Why do you need to know this because clients are not confident to say at times how they really feel and why they do not carry on with the sessions, the prefect scenario would be you have the client as long as you can.

1. How personal trainer’s should change their client’s routines

When a client books more than three sessions our research shows that the importance of each session that each session is not the same you are making it specific for the clients goal and not using the same routine for your other clients.

  • Research shows that member’s at the gym do look for fitness advice online and read fitness material, so when personal trainers are doing the same routine for all of their sessions they want to see something different because they get bored and that’s not what we want.
  • Clients want want to see results soon as and we know this takes time and commitment, if you challenge your clients to the maximum level, they want to be challenged, want to feel they are reaching their goals.
  • Really is important to listen to your clients needs by asking them questions, how they feel the session went, what they like the most and don’t like, note this down so according to this you can plan their workout. It can be frustrating when client asked how they would like their next session to be like and it has been ignored.

2. Personal trainers keep using the basic exercises that clients already know

You may have clients who use the gym daily basis and have the understanding basic workouts and may look into getting a session from PT but they book for one session and then decide they don’t need training. If client has booked one session that means they are interested and checking out what personal trainers offer.

  • Most members know the basic exercises such as back squats but of course you need to see if the client can do the technique right. Why not show different variety’s of squats and how they can use other gym equipment’s to do them. You want the client to feel they need your help and you have many way variety’s that they are not doing, as most would feel I am already working out like this and why would I pay session.

3. Planing the workouts before and be organised

Anyone can get a workout plan online but a good personal trainer will plan out the session for you and being organised is crucial because clients expect this from you.

  • We suggest that each client you do a small fitness test prior to their first session so you get to see what they are capable of doing.
  • Get to know your potential client so plan your questions down and note this down.
  • You should know what day and time you are expected to train your clients, we suggest you should confirm their sessions and any cancellations or lateness from PT you should let your clients know. What you don’t want is client asking you if the session is still happening or if you double book any sessions.
  • Keep track of your clients progress so you they feel you are serious for them to reach their goals.
  • We suggest PT’s to help their clients as much as you can, even the days you are not training them , suggest workouts they can do on their own. If client is having one session a week from you, if you are helping them to plan the other days would only help them to reach their goal faster, this builds your reputation.

4. Diet and Nutrition is important for clients

Personal trainers have impact on the way you go about reaching clients goals and diet is the major part, you can train our clients all day long but if their diet is really poor then they are not going to see results leads to other members thinking it’s you and not your client’s bad eating habits.

  • Research suggest that PT’s state clean eating is important but clients do not understand the term clean eating but however some PT’s do give out nutrition plans. We suggest that get to know your clients eating habits and give out custom nutrition plan. You should know how much protein and fats they should be having.
  • Help your clients you may need to go invest your time a lot more, such as client should be able to send you pictures of their food and get your professional opinion, be honest. If you are using social media let the clients know so it’s another way of getting to know your clients better.

5. Remember to be yourself and relate

Know your client well enough, they do get intimidating by personal trainer because they are leaving that healthy and fit lifestyle that we all inspire to.

  • Just be careful not to talk about it too much about how much you train and how healthy you eat all the time this might deter your clients away thinking it’s impossible for them to be like you all the time. Be yourself let them know you have cheat days and how you started you got into fitness.
  • When we say just be yourself and relate to your clients, general conversations such as simple chat what movies they watch other hobbies, just being human is necessary to be relatable.

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