Personal training has grown to become a very popular career path to follow, with thousands of newly qualified trainers each year. Some trainers thrive in the business, however some struggle to stand out or get noticed.

We have worked with countless personal trainers who train their clients online and in person, and have found some common themes that the most successful trainers share.

Below we have covered the 4 most common personal trainer mistakes made, so that you can avoid doing the same.

Personal trainer mistakes #1 – Dont know how to get more clients

Your clients are how you earn your money and sustain your lifestyle. Therefore, if you do not have enough it can be very difficult to successfully work as a personal trainer – especially if you are training in person and have high costs such as floor rent to cover before you actually make any money for yourself.

There are two main reasons as to why you may be lacking clients.

1. Not being confident enough to go out and make a sale.

2. Too much competition from others.

If you believe you are struggling with reason number 1, you need to work on how to do get clients and think of your strategy.

Clients will not just come your way.

As a personal trainer you need to be confident in your ability to approach potential clients and turn a conversation into a sale, or in some cases a free session into a paying client. If you believe you may have too much competition from other personal trainers in the gym, then you need to find the one thing that makes you stand out.

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Personal trainer mistakes #2 – Being unprofessional

You know yourself that there is nothing worse than paying somebody to do something for you, and it not being properly or professionally.

No client wants to pay for a personal trainer’s help only to have them turn up late, not pay their full attention to them during a session or who says they will do something but never follows through.

Even if you are a great trainer, unprofessional behaviour will hold you back. Being professional, trustworthy and reliable are traits that clients will appreciate (and remember) and are likely to mention when talking about you to others.

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Personal trainer mistakes #3 – Lacking persistence

The most common reason to why some personal training careers fail – trainers give up.

Personal training isn’t always the easiest career to start off in, however this doesn’t mean that you will never be successful. Be persistent! Like with any career, you have to start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. This takes time, hard work and long hours. But it can be very rewarding in the long run.

You may not earn loads of money at the beginning of your career, but persistence and hard work can get you noticed and can lead to lots of new opportunities in the future.

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Personal trainer mistakes #4 – Limited business skills

Lots of personal trainers just want to do what they enjoy – training. But to become truly successful you need to know how to promote and market yourself as a brand. Self employed personal trainers especially, can excel when they have a good understanding of how to:

1.  Build their brand and USP (unique selling point).

2. Advertise their business.

3. Sell themselves to clients.

4. Setup a business website.

If you have high ambitions for yourself and your business, we cannot stress the importance of knowing how to successfully achieve each of these things. If you are not fully confident in how to run a business, there are loads of courses online that can teach you the skills you will need to run your own personal training business.


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