Want to master the act of creating the perfect online programme for your clients? Follow these simple steps to ensure that you gather all the information needed and create the perfect online programme, to help your client succeed.

6 steps to creating the perfect online programme

1. Gather all relevant information from your client

Prior to any training, you need to gather information about your client and their needs. As a personal trainer, this is most likely something you already do with your in-person clients. The information you should gather includes:

  • Name, age & emergency contact details.
  • Past (& present) medical history.
  • Any current/recent injuries.
  • Reasons for wanting to have a personal trainer/get fit/lose weight etc.
  • Current physical activity level and lifestyle.
  • Likes and dislikes in regard to training and exercise.

2. Identify the areas they want to improve or work on

Once you have this information from your client, you can identify the areas they wish to work on, or improve.

Are there certain areas of their body they want to focus on?

Would they like to gain strength, size, endurance?

If they want to get fit, is that to be able to more easily complete everyday tasks, or to run a 5k/10k/marathon race?

Clients can often be vague in what they want to achieve through exercise. Or maybe not even completely know themselves. It is up to you as their trainer to help them to come up with some concrete goals that are realistic and measurable. This will help them to achieve them.

3. Brainstorm successful ways to work on these areas

By this point, you should now know what your client wants to achieve, and have a few specific goals that they want to work towards.

The next step for you as the trainer is to brainstorm multiple ways for them to reach the point they want to get to. If they want to tone up for example, they could do this through weight training, HIIT sessions and cardio.

To keep your client enthusiastic and motivated, it is great to keep changing workouts up. This will also stop any plateaus and get them to their goals quicker.

4. Compile the perfect online programme together

As previously stated, it is important to keep your client enthusiastic and motivated to ensure they stick to your workout plan. If the plan you have created isn’t enjoyable for them, it is less likely they will stick to it.

To make sure your client will enjoy (and succeed with) the programme you have created, try creating it together. This doesn’t mean having them to help you write it, but means getting them to try things out as you create it.

Get them to try a weight session or a HIIT session and get feedback. See what types of exercises and training methods they are capable of, and see what challenges them and focus on these.

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5. Monitor your client’s progress

To ensure your client reaches their goals, it is essential to monitor their progress. Regular check-ins with your client, every month or so, will allow you to see where they are in regards to achieving their goals.

You should check things such as their current weight, body fat, body measurements and see if there has been any changes since the last time you did them.

6. Adjust the programme according to your client’s progress and feedback

The perfect online programme, similar to any programme you take an in-person client through, should be adapted and altered according to the progress they have made and their feedback. If they have progressed well, the programme should be changed so that it becomes a little more challenging for them.

On the other hand, if they have not progressed in a way you would have expected, the programme could be made slightly less challenging so that they can completed it successfully. The perfect online programme could also be adapted in response to your client’s feedback.

If there are certain exercises or training methods they enjoy, these could be focused on more.

Similarly, if there are certain aspects your client is not comfortable with, these could be removed and replaced with an alternative.

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