For a client, there is nothing more comparable or effective for gaining results that working with a qualified trainer. A personal trainer offers guidance, support, motivation and most importantly, a tailor made plan guaranteed to get results. But as personal training online begins to thrive, with numerous in-person trainers too choosing to focus their attention online, we look into the online vs in-person training debate. Which really is better?

Lets look at the advantages of each…

Online vs In-Person Training – The Advantages

Online Training

  1. Affordable for clients. In-person personal training sessions are more often than not charged by the hour. And these can be expensive for clients. Especially if they want multiple sessions per week/month. A tailor-made online training programme for a client to follow, is cheaper than paying for these multiple sessions per week to do the same workouts.
  2. Time effective for trainers. As a trainer, you may already have a very busy schedule. Taking your business online allows you to take on more clients, without having to find the time to fit sessions with them in a gym into your schedule.
  3. Helps improve upon a client’s self motivation. Without having a trainer in the gym with them, a client has to rely more on their own self motivation when doing a workout. This is excellent for helping them gain confidence, drive and enjoyment with exercise
  4. Client’s can train anywhere. Clients can use a trainer’s programme at the gym, at home, wherever. This means that they do not have to be able to find the time to fit a personal training session at a specific gym, into their day to day life.
  5. Clients can reach goals quicker. With online training, client’s aren’t just working to a plan within an allocated hour session. They have something to follow each time they exercise throughout the week. And staying on track means that they are likely to reach their goals quicker.

In-person training

  1. Face to face interaction. With in-person training you are working out alongside your trainer getting 1-on-1 time and attention in a gym environment.
  2. Accountability. If a client has booked (and paid for) a session, they are going to make sure they turn up. Unlike with online training, where there is nobody else accountable for their decision to train or not but themselves.
  3. Support and motivation. With an in-person personal trainer, clients get that extra push in their workouts that they may not be able too find on their own. Somebody to tell them to push for an extra 2 minutes on the treadmill or to challenge themselves with an extra rep with their weights.

Online vs In-Person Training – Which is better?

Our winner? Online training!

Although there are obvious benefits to both types of training, for the reasons above we make online training our winner. The online vs in-person training debate has shown us that for a personal trainer to grow their business, going online is the only viable option. A trainer can do more, in less time! With clients, whatever their fitness goals online training is a great option too! It’s cheaper, less time consuming and is more about completing a whole programme to gain results, rather than just focusing on one workout.

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