Ramses Principe is from Miami known as Mia Fitness is a successful personal trainer and online coach. His main concern is to help and guide clients to reach their full potential whether it is playing sports or achieving the physique that they always dreamed of.

Mia dreamed of becoming an NFL player and obtained a scholarship however he had a shoulder injury that ended his dreams. Fortunately he found a new outlet for his love of sports and fitness.

Mia’s mission is to help people to become healthier and more fit. He started off as a personal trainer and still is but has grown his brand by putting the work in and effort into growing a full fitness business. There are man reasons for his success. He grew through his social profile, by sharing his fitness journeys, selling online training plans and products. Now Mia is sponsored by 1 Up Nutrition which is what many athletes dream of. Find out below exactly how he achieved all of this, and how you can too.


Mia uses social media really well because he understands the concept of how people are sharing their fitness journeys and goals worldwide and looking for advice and help from their role models.

At the time of this writing, he has amassed 147k Instagram followers. He has built trust just from your social media showcasing how he works out, eating habits, what supplements he takes and real transformations.

By giving out free content, you can start growing your business without realizing it. Mia took this opportunity because he saw the  market and the demand out there because people where curious to find out exactly how he got his incredible physique. Yes he did personal training but rest of the world wanted his help and he realised that online coaching is another way to get your name out there as a fitness role model.



Now people can simply go to his social media click on his link buy his online plans. Mia has recognised the needs of consumers. He offers many options such as weight loss, clean bulking and home workout plans. The plans sell for $85 which is reasonably affordable. The demand is so high to get his plans that they leave their contact emails so Mia can get back to them.

Mia fitness online


Check out one of the  real transformation pictures below from one of Mia’s online clients who followed his 12 week plan. Mia puts in the effort in order to get online clients by offering 24/7 email support and guidance. He helps his clients by providing grocery lists to make sure they reach their goals. By promoting this on his social media account he is earning money and growing his fitness brands and now Mia has the audience. They can see real results and have faith they can get reach their goals.12798192_492424137616073_1342674500_n


Mia has really inspirational and motivating social profile on which he has showcased his fitness journey with the world. He has a positive attitude to life and one of his favourite sayings “Earned not Given”. You can clearly see the dedication he has to the lifestyle. Not only is he studying towards a bachelors degree in exercise physiology but he has plans to do a masters and become a strength and conditioning coach for an NFL team.

People look up you as their fitness role models because they trust you and your judgment. By doing online plans, you are helping people worldwide who may not be able to afford a personal trainer all the time, or they could be travelling, not have a membership to use the gym. You are potentially earning a lot more income, just by sharing your knowledge.

  mia 1up


Mia is a big believer of always putting more than 100% into what you do, there should be no excuses.

“Everyone wants to succeed in life and live their dreams but not everyone is willing to put he work in and long hours to make dreams a reality”.

Start thinking about your future and make it happen!!

mia fitness

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