Online personal training is currently more popular than ever, with trainers who are used to face to face client training choosing to delve into the online world too. In some ways, online personal training works exactly like training within a gym. You create a custom made programme for a client, designed specifically to help them in reaching their goals. The obvious difference however, is that you are not there alongside the client when they complete it.

What are the benefits of online personal training?

  1. Offers personal trainers a wider audience of potential clients. You are not limited to just the individuals in your area. Similarly, it also allows clients access to more expert trainers.
  2. Online training is affordable for clients. On average an online training programme will cost less per month, than most 1-on-1 hour long sessions.
  3. No limit on time or location. A client can do your online programme anywhere, at any time. You do not need to worry about not being able to fit them into your already busy schedule.
  4. On going support for clients. Clients can still feel as if they are getting the personal attention of a 1-on-1 session by being able to receive support, motivation, nutritional advice, and frequent ‘check ups’ via email.

You may still think that online personal training lacks physical presence. The physical presence that is needed to demonstrate and explain exercises and workout methods to clients. But online training is more than just sending a PDF programme to someone and leaving them to guess how to actually do it. Online training can include exercise videos and step by step photographs and with these, clients can perform exercises with confidence. Confidence that they have gained through feeling as if they are achieving their goals through self motivation and determination.

Personal training in this way gives trainers more time too. Frequent online ‘check ins’ with clients allow you to ask for feedback on how they feel they are getting on. Sending a couple of emails is a lot easier to fit into your schedule than meeting for an in-person chat. This feedback gained by you as the trainer, can then be used to more effectively plan their next programme or workout.

Why would you not want to gain more clients in an easy and cost effective way?

Why not create your rown workout plans and expand your personal trianing business

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