Meet Nicole Monroe @msnicolefit who has around 80,000 followers on Instagram, is a certified trainer and former Army Veteran from Dallas. Nicole is also an online coach who has over 150 clients all around the world. She loves helping women feel fitter, stronger and give them advice on how to train and what workouts to do as most people struggle to see results, are often confused and demotivated. Nicole, has years of experience and an awesome physique, she has been through it all herself which gives her a unique perspective as a trainer. If you want to build your booty, have a slim waist and tight core then Nicole is the perfect trainer for you.

We had time to speak to Nicole and she offered some of her tips for people who really want to work on their core:



We are lucky to get 5 amazing tips for core from Nicole

1. ABS are made in the kitchen. 80% Nutrition 20% Fitness

2. Drink close to or drink a gallon of water a day to have the necessary intake for your body

3. Breathe while executing core exercises so that oxygen will be spread to your muscles.

4. Sprint intervals will help slim down your core

5. Yoga & Pilates will help increase your strength in your core and define it.

We are excited to announce that Nicole is now working on a new fitness plan for everyone!
This includes videos that will show you how to train your core, trim fat, define your abs so there is no more fat!! This all would be in a video workouts that you can do anywhere, at home or in the gym.
Follow her on Instagram @msnicolefit and check out her profile right here on Aflete!


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