If you are somebody who gets stressed easily then meditation may be the answer to your prayers. At Aflete we usually advocate exercise as an amazing stress relief, but we know that everyone is different so today we have another idea to help you de-stress. We will show you how to use meditation as an effective way to relieve stress in 6 simple steps.

Meditation has been proven to dramatically reduce anxiety levels if practised regularly. In fact, the more you meditate, the better your mind is able to balance stress as it arises until it is more resilient against stress altogether.

Meditation doesn’t have to take that much time out of your day, even three minutes is enough to quieten the mind and focus on relaxation. Surely you can take three minutes out of your day when it will stop you tearing your hair out later? We have a few steps that should help you relax, put stress into perspective and focus on the important things in life.

Step one

Take your self away from the ‘distractors’ of modern life – namely mobile phones, computers, radios. If it makes you feel uncomfortable to sit in silence then some gentle instrumental music is fine at a low volume.


Step two

Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor and place your hand on your stomach.

Step three

Breathe as deeply as possible, holding each breath for at least three seconds before release. Concentrate on the sensation of breathing in and out until everything around you slips away.

Step four

Focus on a mantra that you feel will help you personally. Something like ‘I am peaceful’, ‘It will all be ok’ or simply ‘I will relax’. Repeat this mantra in your mind and focus solely on it, trying not to let any external thoughts butt their way in.

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Step five

Let your mantra fade away and focus on keeping your mind as blank and as quiet as possible. A helpful tip if you keep getting distracted and frustrated is to simply allow persistent thoughts into your consciousness, hold onto them for a second and then let them go. Accept that at the beginning keeping a blank mind might be harder than it seems and remember to persevere.

Step six

When you feel ready you can bring yourself back to the rest of the world by gently focusing on what is going on around you. Start by listening to the sounds happening nearby, even if it is just a clock ticking. Then feel what you are sitting on and perhaps begin to stretch out your limbs. Finally open your eyes. The important part of step six is to be gradual, keeping that calm feeling from your meditation with you so that it can be transported into the rest of the day.

We hope these few simple steps help you all de-stress and relax a little bit. Make meditation a priority and you will see the benefits.

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