It is ingrained into the fitness bible – don’t skip leg day. You will regret it if you do. At Aflete we make sure we always split our focus evenly throughout the week so that our whole body gets an equal amount of attention. It doesn’t matter how sculpted your arms are if your chicken legs are poking out from your shorts. Take some time to build powerful thighs, toned calves and a perky booty and you will find heads turning as you breeze through the gym in short shorts. If you have been guilty of skipping leg day then you will need these insane leg workouts that we have found for you – give yourself a powerful start and commit to never missing leg day again.

1. Booty Blaster Leg Workout

If time is an issue then the guys at HeandSheEatClean have got you covered with this workout. The best thing about this workout is that it covers both your glutes and your legs in a few short, but sweet exercises. There is no equipment needed so you don’t really have any excuses for ignoring this one and if you are a beginner this would be perfect for easing into your new leg routine.

2. The Perfect Leg Workout

Blogilates is the absolute queen of workouts that seem easier than they are. As she goes through each movement with ease you will definitely be left in a pool of sweat. But keep at it and maybe one day you can stay as poised as she is when she works out. We can all dream, right? Her workouts are great for those a bit unsure about exactly what each move is supposed to look like because she includes a video with clear instructions for each one.

treadmill workout

3. 10 Minute Leg Lifts

A leg workout over in 10 minutes? Everyone has 10 minutes to spare, even if it just means getting up 10 minutes earlier. We can recommend this one for those of you familiar with pilates and yoga because it uses some of the same principles. Keep your core engaged and make sure that every aspect of your pose is strong and held correctly and you will really feel the benefits. It is only you who will lose out if you slack so follow the clear guidelines and make sure you are getting the most from this workout.

4. Legs, Abs and Booty Workout

This workout from Emily Skye melts fat off your entire body in one session. She uses minimal gym equipment and a concise video so it is easy for you to get it done yourself. No excuses! She throws in some moves to tone up your bum and your abs as well so you don’t have to feel guilty about missing out any other parts of your usual workout. Get your heart rate racing and your endorphins flowing in no time.

leg workout

5. Leg Torture

You might realise from the title that this leg workout is for the pros amongst you. Not for the faint hearted this workout will probably leave you unable to walk for a week, but we promise it will be worth it for calves and thighs like a Greek Gods’. You will need some serious weights to get the best out of these exercises so head to your gym to try out this one. Let us know if you are loving leg day with a post on the Aflete app.

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