If you have just started as a personal trainer at the gym or if you have many years of experience of personal training and want to know the tactics how to get more clients. We have conducted a survey on why potential clients deter from hiring a personal trainer and what they like in a personal trainer.  We have done few tips on how to approach certain situations and how you can improve so you can gain more clients

Here are 5 tips how to get more clients

1. How to approach potential clients at the gym

We understand being a personal trainer at the gym can be frustrating because you are expected to find your own clients, therefore It is important how you approach your potential client

  • Firstly if you see potential client working out on a machine or doing any other workout, from our survey, just note that members do not like to be interrupted whilst doing their workouts because they are doing routines that’s requires them to beat their personal goal, this can annoy them.
  • This is not what we want, so we recommend that wait until they are off the machine or even finished with their training. This is the best way to catch them, because they would be in a positive mood after their training.
  • When you approach potential start off with a compliment of their workout such as “I can see you really running fast”, be enthusiastic and full of energy and passionate because you want them to like you.
  • We would recommend not to mention buying any sessions unless you have approached potential clients before hand and have offered a free session, the free session entitles the type of training they do or prefer.
  • Being polite and saying “Hello” or smile will help you to build the relationship with the clients so they feel they can trust you and be natural not forced.

2. Be professional when critiquing anyone technique

At the gym personal trainers see daily members doing the wrong techniques and feel the need to help them because you are trained to have the expertise, but is the way you approach the situation as some members do get offended.

  • From our surveys we have noticed most common mistakes personal trainers by stating bold intimidating statements such as  “why you doing that for this is totally wrong”.
  • Sometimes being way over confident or ego can really scare potential clients.
  • Here is a example member doing a wrong technique, doing squats using the Olympic bar, ” sorry to interrupt you but you can lift good amount of weight but I have noticed that your stance needs tweaking, next time you see me around the gym just grab me” make sure you come across humble.

3. Helping people with no agenda

It is important for potential clients to hear that they are doing something right at the gym because takes a lot of courage to be there, but they also need to know how they can improve their training to reach their goals.

  • Just giving out general tips to them and some ideas – judge the situation first are their beginners or advance according to that you should be giving specific tips
  • If you know about nutrition give us much advice as possible and research material they can read on.
  • If potential client states they cannot afford personal training do not just ignore that and never talk to them again, that’s a big mistake help them if you have fitness related social links show them. Maybe when they can financially afford sessions they would think of you, no harm giving out free content.

4. Give your full attention to the client

When you are training client it is important for you to dedicate the whole session and be prepared.

  • When training client on a compound exercise make sure that you do focus that they are not making mistakes, you are not on your phone because members of the gym do pay attention how you train, remember that they are your potential clients.
  • You may have beginners as your client and showing how to use the gym floor especially the machines make sure don’t look bored or you are sitting on a another machine and not focusing on them. Note that members can see and may deter getting sessions of you.
  • Another point to make from the survey is that it is nice to see you dedicated to your clients just remember that other members of the gym are your potential clients just be understandingand not to interrupt their workout space.

5. Listen to your client

If they want to change their workout plan do not get offended and listen to their requirements.

  • It is important for personal trainers to plan their client sessions, communicate to them even a text message or email before their session just to remind them.
  • Most users from the survey found that when the session finishes, the trainer cannot wait to go and it is important to ask your client “how did you feel the session go” or “have you got any suggestions what you would like to do for your next session”.
  • It is important to engage with your clients after the sessions as well, many clients will tell their gym friends or even non clients will ask how is that trainer or how did your session go, so you want them to boast about you and build your reputation.

Another tip is good gym antiquate 

  • Be polite and friendly
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Smile
  • Remember the members names
  • Don’t overpower your knowledge to the gym members





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