If your fitness goal is to build strength, are you confident that you know exactly how to achieve this?

Lifting heavy weights or using your body weight as resistance; the best, and most straightforward, way is to build strength through resistance training. But how exactly do you build strength through resistance training?

Here are 6 handy tips to teach you how to build strength:

1. Master the ‘Big Four’.

The squat, deadlift, bench press and shoulder press are the best strength building exercises going, and are the first step in working towards building strength through resistance training. Ensure you master the perfect technique for these four, and ask a professional for assistance if you need it.

2. Keep it simple.

Stick to 3 or 4 main lifts during a workout, and don’t worry about counting the seconds you are lifting the weight up and down. The only thing you need to worry about counting is your reps. Choose one of the ‘big four’ moves, and a small selection of assistance lifts to accompany it. Doing too many exercises in one go, means that some will not be done with the best form possible and could cause injury or delay progress.

3. Learn your rep ranges.

To build strength through resistance training, you need to make sure you are choosing weights that will help you achieve this. A rep range of 5 – 6 reps is perfect for strength building, so pick a weight for each exercise that allows you to push to this number of reps, but isn’t too easy that you can perform

4. Grab yourself a barbell.

Start your workout with a barbell, loading up a large amount of weight which is essential for building strength through resistance training. A barbell is also the best piece of equipment to use when performing the ‘big four’.

5. Keeping track of progress.

The only way to really know that you are building strength through resistance training is to keep yourself accountable for everything you do. Logging what weight you have lifted during a session and when that session was, will show you your progression as it happens – reminding you exactly what you have managed previously and allowing you to up your weight as it becomes easier.

6. Add weight, but slowly.

The main reason people plateau is because they do not continue to challenge themselves once something becomes easy. To build strength through resistance training is it essential you increase the weight you can lift when you can lift it for more than the desired 5 – 6 reps. If not, your muscles are not being challenged and will therefore not become any stronger.



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