Getting started on Aflete is really simple. Here’s everything you will you need in order to list your first product.

Complete your profile and settings

To do this just press settings on the left menu and fill in all the details. Then press view profile and you will see your profile. You can share this on social media so people can see that now you are an online seller.

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Add product you would like to sell

There are 3 different types of product that you can sell:

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Custom plans


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Your videos could be workouts, cooking tutorials or anything fitness related that you think others would like to buy from.

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Custom Plans

These are tailored plans that you create for clients, like you would at the gym. For instance if someone buys a transformation plan, you will direct message them and create a custom plan for them. You can have weekly check-ins, manage their progress and help them reach their goal.

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Your product will be reviewed

Once you have submitted your product, it will be reviewed by Aflete. Once it is approved and live you will receive an email and then you can share your product on your social media, blog or website.

Remember that if you need any help you can always contact one of our customer service members by emailing

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