Are you too busy? With work, family, kids? No time to be healthy! ALL EXCUSES – Kristina shows us how you CAN be super healthy! All it takes is the right mentality.

She shares some home workouts, tips to feed your kids healthy foods and her advice to be a happy positive person. Check out her interview.


  • Hi Kristina – Nice to meet you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a work from home (I run a Trucking Company-seriously, & am a Beachbody Coach) mom of twin boys, Lynkon and Gavin (2). I have my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and my Masters in Health and Human Performance. I’ve been a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Wellness Coach and worked in Cardiac Rehab. Where did the Trucking come from? When I started a family-I wanted to stay home and jumped on the family business.

  • You have a great positive and healthy vibe and ethos – where does that come from?

I grew up as a National Gymnast and avid Soccer player, after 3 knee surgeries I hung up any aspirations for physical sports and started training for marathons and found my passion being a gym rat.

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  • What type of training do you do?

I’m an avid cross trainer-you name it i’ve probably dabbled in it. Right now I mainly do the 30 min Beachbody programs (fav is Insanity Max30 & Fix Extreme). Otherwise I’m running, SUP Yoga, and Baptiste inspired Power Yoga. However-i’m always up for trying new styles of workouts!

  • Give us an example of home workouts for someone to try? 

Find stairs, a chair, couch-anything elevated.

Repeat this 3 times > Single leg step ups, decline push ups, tricep dips, side plank dips, decline running man.

Obviously there’s modifications for all of the above but one piece of household equipment and you’ve got a full body workout!

healthy food, healthy recipes, health, fitness, clean eating

  • How often do you exercise at home?

Typically 5-6 days per week….my workouts are 30-45 min long, figure it out and fit it in…no matter what!

  • People think it is difficult to exercise at home due to space, family etc – How do you deal with this?

I find my “me time”. Typically it’s early in the am. The house is quiet and I ignore the laundry and dishes etc. It’s my workout/sanity time.

  • You’re a healthy Mom! Which is great – Do your kids like eating healthy?

For the most part yes. There’s a stigma around food, specifically for kids that veggies (especially green ones) are “yucky”. Yes my kids have had junk food BUT it’s not something they’re specifically familiar with. I want them to be open minded-does this always happen? No…but it doesn’t mean i’ll stop trying.

healthy food, healthy recipes, health, fitness, clean eating

  • What type of foods do you make for them?

Wide array of fruits and vegetables, I try to implement new ones each week. They typically have a hot breakfast of eggs, homemade waffles or pancakes. Lunch typically looks more like a snack- greek yogurt, hummus and veggies (a fav), muffins, and smoothies. I’m BIG into smoothies since my kids eat like birds- they get excited when the vitamix is turned on. I try and do a smoothie almost every other day with Shakeology in it so I know that they are getting their vitamins and minerals.

  • Any tips for other moms trying to get their kids to eat healthy?

Smoothies-sneak everything in there! Be excited when you feed them, don’t look apprehensive that they might not like it. Make it fun-kids are more likely to be excited to try something if you hype it up and YOU eat it too.

  • What type of challenges do you run?

I do Facebook challenge groups. Challengers are held accountable and post daily their food, water intake, exercise, etc. I do mini challenges everyday-meatless monday, no bs tuesday (I call them out and make them post a pic of their meals-they can type up anything and pretend they’re eating great…if I make them post a pic-that’s another story), workout wednesday (bonus workout by me), thirsty Thursday (up that water!), Friday-Sun is always a surprise.

healthy food, healthy recipes, health, fitness, clean eating

  • How can people get in touch with you?

Through instagram @lifeasfitk or @lifeaskristinab or on Facebook “Kristina Battaglia” or my like page “life as KristinaB” Also-via email (wow that was a lot of ways to contact me)

  • What do you think of our app Aflete?

I love it. It’s easy to work and connects you with like minded people. Great place to gets some inspiration and motivation as well as recipe ideas!

Don’t stop believing. I’ve been through my ups and downs and breakups with health and fitness. Keep trying and believing that you WILL find something that works for you that you’ll enjoy all in the same!




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