Not enough time to get to the gym today? Don’t let this be an excuse not to workout. Why not try a home workout? You don’t need any special equipment a home workout – no heavy weights or fancy machines are necessary! Just a empty corner of a room (or garden), a little motivation and 20 minutes or so of spare time.

Each of the following exercises have been chosen for a specific reason. After talking to some of the best in the industry about the most effective exercises to include in a home workout, we have compiled together a list of the best. The following home workout exercises can be incorporated into a HIIT or LISS workout (Our post ‘HIIT vs LISS, which is best for you?‘ will explain the difference between the two!) and will not only help you to burn fat fast, but will work on your coordination, balance, endurance and strength too!

Home workout exercises:

  • Burpees – this fast paced, cardio move tones your upper body, legs and abs all in one go. No wonder most people dread them!

Crouching down on the floor, place your hands flat onto the ground in front of you and jump your feet back. You should be balanced in a press up position. Jump your feet back in to your hands (so you are crouching again), and from here, jump up and off the floor. Once landed, crouch back down and repeat the move through again, and again, and again!

  • Squatstone and shape your glutes, hamstrings AND quads with this simple, yet effective move.

Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width apart, push your hips back and lowering your bum down towards the ground. Keep your knees behind your toes. At the bottom of the move, push your heels into the ground and push to stand yourself back up.

  • High knees – get your core and quads burning by moving as fast as you can.

Standing up, quickly jump from one foot to the other bringing one knee at a time up to your chest. Get your knees up as high as you can, and keep a fast pace when jumping.

  • Press ups – easily modifiable, whatever your fitness level, and can help sculpt a toned upper body and core.

Place your hands flat on the floor in front of you, a little wider than shoulder width apart, and have your legs out straight behind you. Slowly lower your chest to the ground and then push yourself back up to the top of the movement. To make this move easier, drop down onto your knees, or to make it more advanced, try press ups on one leg!

  • Mountain climbers – one of the most effective fat burning exercises, toning your whole body (without any piece of equipment!)

Starting in a full press up position, one by one, bring each knee up to your chest and then return your foot back to the floor, keeping your core tight and hips still. Once you’ve got the hang of it, speed it up.

  • Jumping lunges – great for toning legs – the added plyometric jump makes it even more of a calorie burner too!

Stepping backwards, drop your back knee to the floor and bend your front knee so that both are at 90 degree angles. Push from your feet, jump up and switch your legs over, landing in the same position but with the previous back leg in front. Keep jumping between legs, landing as deep into the exercise as possible each time.

  • Tricep dips – sculpt strong, lean arms using nothing but your own body weight. Prepare to feel the burn!

Sit on the floor and place your hands on a chair behind you, with your fingers facing forward and elbows in close to your body. With your legs out straight in front of you, resting your weight on your heels, bend your elbows and lower yourself down to the floor. Go as low as you can without touching the ground and then push yourself back up to the top. Make this move slightly easier, if necessary, by bending your knees, having your feet flat on the floor and letting your legs take some of your weight.

  • Plank – an ABS-olute killer! But just think of that toned core!

Lay on your front, balancing your weight up on to your elbows (positioned directly below your shoulders) and your toes. Keep your back straight, your bum down and hold.

Want more ideas for a home workout? We also have 5 simple ab workouts that gain maximum results, that can done from the comfort of your own home too!



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