Do you know your HIIT from your LISS? Do you even know what those acronyms stand for? Don’t worry; the difference between the two is actually very simple.

Let’s start with HIIT, arguably much better known. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training – does that make it any clearer? The basic idea is that you combine short bursts of intense effort with short rests in between. So, for example, a 30 second sprint as fast as you can followed by 20 seconds walking repeated 5 times would be a HIIT workout; simple, but incredibly effective. The reasons behind using this format for a workout are well researched, but essentially it has been proven to be an excellent fat burner and even has an after-burn effect by dramatically increasing your metabolism for 24 hours afterwards. Many adults leading busy lives find HIIT training fits their lifestyle because it needs shorter bursts of energy to get results, allowing for a more condensed workout.

hiit v liss

LISS training is the opposite of HIIT and stands for low intensity steady state exercise. Made popular by the personal trainer Kayla Itsines, LISS describes workouts that use a steady rate of energy input at a low level. A long walk is the perfect example because it only takes a low level of exertion. Those who don’t enjoy the vomit-inducing efforts of HIIT workouts and prefer taking their time over their exercise generally favour LISS workouts. The main benefit of LISS is effective fat burning as the body is able to get enough oxygen for prolonged periods of time to metabolize fat, much more so than during a run.

hiit v liss

Both HIIT and LISS workouts are great for burning stubborn fat and neither can be said to be better than the other because the effects they have are different. A combination of the two would be optimal, however if you prefer one over the other then don’t feel guilty for skipping the one you hate – at Nomnom we advocate all types of exercise, just get out there!

If you want some ideas on incorporating a HIIT workout into your routine then have a look at the killer fat burning workout from FitFluential below:

What do you prefer between HIIT v LISS? Let us know what works best for you.

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