Instead of stepping on the treadmill and spending ages totalling up your calories burnt, opt for this HIIT treadmill workout instead. Not know what HIIT is? Our post ‘Why is HIIT is so popular?‘ will explain it all. To sum it up, this HIIT treadmill workout is guaranteed to burn more calories than slow paced cardio, and in a much shorter time!


The HIIT treadmill workout

For maximum results, this workout should last around 10 minutes (not including the warm up or cool down). Before you start the actual workout, warm up on the treadmill by completing a 3 – 5 minute fast paced walk. This will get your blood pumping and elevate your heart rate before you begin.


Beginner: 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest x 7

Intermediate: 30 seconds of work and 30 second rest x 10

Advanced: 40 seconds of work and a 20 second rest x 10


Is our advanced workout still too easy for you? Try adding another 5 rounds!

After your treadmill workout, finish with a cool down. Setting your speed to a slow paced walk and allow your heart rate to slowly, and safely, return to its normal pace. Continue this for another 3 – 5 mins.

Enjoy our HIIT workout and want to give another one a go? Try another of our high intensity workouts, designed to get you in shape, fast!






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