HIIT training has gained popularity recently as it is an effective way to burn calories. In this post we will help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible. HIIT helps burn fat while building muscle and after speaking to our trainers, we agree that it is the best form of cardio. HIIT sessions typically last from 4 to 25 minutes saving you from long, laborious cardio sessions.

What is HIIT Training?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves low to moderate intensity training interspersed with short bursts of high intensity training. It is considered much more effective the constant moderate intensity training. The main goal for HIIT is to bring your heart rate up to around 90%, then back down to 50-60% during rest periods. The intensity is far higher and it improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness simultaneously. This method of training can be applied to almost any exercise. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your training.

hiit leg training

1. Work around leg day

Ideally, your HIIT will not interfere with your leg workouts. Try and avoid over training by setting your HIIT and leg days at least 2 days apart. This will give your muscles enough time to recover and allow you to make the most of each workout.

hiit workout

2. Do what you enjoy

If you hate the rowing machine, there is no need to force yourself through a HIIT rowing workout. HIIT can be applied to almost any type of exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing at the gym and apply HIIT methods. Your exercises should involve large muscle groups so it is easier to increase your heart rate. They should allow you to accelerate and decelerate easily.

hiit training

3. Listen to your body

If you are feeling sluggish, it is ok to take it easy. HIIT requires a lot of energy and you need to recover after sessions before hitting the next one. If you are new to HIIT, start with just 1 session a week. Then you can build on this and start to add more high intensity workouts to your routine.

hiit training

4. Start Slow and build up

Try adding a few 30 seconds bursts to your usual cardio workout. As you get used HIIT training you can start to increase the bursts and intensity.

healthy food

5. Eat right

As HIIT training burns a lot of calories, it is often best that you fuel up beforehand. Although you won’t need as much as you would for a heavy weights session, you should aim for around 10-20 grams of carbs.

HIIT is challenging but it can help you burn more calories in less time and see great results over time.

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