Get the lowdown on how to make the tastiest healthy desserts and treats with Yvette Pullara the amazing lady behind Clean & Dirty Treats – offering healthy clean treats to satisfy you day to day as well as showing off some wickedly tasty ‘dirty’ treats when low calorie wont fulfil your craving. Yvette has a wonderful blog where she shares her recipes as well as sharing her inspiration, recipes and deliciousness with over 30 thousand followers on social media. Yvette also happens to be a mother of two, a baker, a blogger and NPC (Nation Physique Committee) Competitor – making her uniquely suited to understand the health needs of an athlete with clean treats yet also how to properly indulge in full on dirty treats as a baker of wonderful foods.

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Q          Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across your Instagram or website before?

I’m a mom of 2, wife, and I also work 2 jobs…one of which being able to do what I love, and that’s being a baker for a downtown Tampa restaurant. I love to bake, but I also love to train in the gym. Desserts & fitness don’t go well together, but I have managed to combine them to become what I blog about: healthy fit treats! I highly enjoy creating different recipes to help others make dieting more fun.

Q          You have made an incredible transformation – from an average healthy physique to your ultra-fit bikini competition body of today – and all after having children! What motivated you to do it and how did you achieve it, especially with the pressures of looking after a young children?

Wow thank you! I have 2 kids: 8 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. I have always enjoyed exercising, but I was always mainly a cardio bunny. After having my second child, I would run a lot to lose the weight. Well after a while, my body became so used to all the cardio that those last several pounds wouldn’t budge. My neighbor turned me on to p90x and other types of at-home workout programs to begin building muscle. From that point on, I was hooked! I was actually reaching my goals by lifting weights and doing less cardio! I also learned how your diet is key in making progress as well. From there I developed a curiosity for competing, joined a gym, and started with a coach. I loved the process and knew that I finally found a sport that was for me. I guess you could say that I was my own motivation–I kept seeing my own progress and knew I could achieve whatever I wanted if I just put my mind to it.
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Q          How long have you been competing in bikini competitions? Does the competition (having something to work towards) make it easier for you to train and resist ‘dirty’ treats?

I have only competed in one bikini competition. I wanted to get my feet wet, and boy did I enjoy it! Competitions are extremely challenging both mentally and physically. It was definitely an experience that I can’t wait to do again. Yes it is a lot easier for me to resist the ‘dirty’ treats when I have a set goal I want to obtain, but I’m learning how to keep them to a minimum even when I don’t have to wear a bikini. Too much of anything isn’t good for you. Moderation is key.

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Q          You work as a baker – how long have you been cooking and when did you start creating your own unique deserts?

I have worked as a baker for a few years. My love of baking started when I was a little girl in the kitchen with my mom. From there I just constantly looked through recipe books and baked as many desserts as I could. As I developed my love of fitness the past few years, I had struggled with eating healthy and baking fun treats. It’s nearly impossible to not eat your own creation! Therefore, I began incorporating healthier alternative ingredients that are diet friendly and including protein to make the same type of yummy treats.

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Q          You started your wonderful blog, Clean & Dirty Treats, this past January – what motivated you to write a blog and how do you hope to inspire people?

Thank you very much! My motivation to inspire started a few years ago on Instagram as so many motivated me to believe that I could achieve my fitness goals. I constantly read and educated myself on eating healthier and working out. I began blogging to further inspire others (kind of “pay it forward”) by sharing what I was eating and workouts I was doing. I hope that I can inspire others that balance can be achieved, and they can easily incorporate healthy treats into their new healthier lifestyle. I also create my recipes to help fellow bodybuilding competitors to have alternative treats that can be apart of their strict diet. 

Q          Before starting your own blog did you visit other food blogs / forums for inspiration?

Oh yes! They are all over Instagram, pinterest etc. So many of us share ideas and learning experiences because we all have started somewhere! And sharing helpful info and being relatable to others truly makes a difference.

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Q          As a baker of ‘clean’ as well as ‘dirty’ treats do you honestly think ‘clean’ treats can compare to ‘dirty’ ones in terms of flavour and overall sweet tooth satisfaction?

Oh that’s a tough one!! Of course there’s nothing like pure buttery sugary chocolatey yumminess! And there’s nothing wrong with those ‘dirty’ treats once in a while in moderation. But there’s a lot of us who are not able to eat these treats every day, and who are either wanting to lose weight or put on lean muscle, that want a healthier alternative. That’s where my “clean” treats come in to play! Tasty treats that help satisfy the sweet tooth.

Q          Which treats do your husband and son prefer?

My husband and kids prefer the ‘dirty’ of course, but some of my clean treats are highly favorited by them! Sometimes they can’t even tell the difference!

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Q          It’s quite rare to find a bikini competitor who is also a baker, a mother and a lover of treats – you clearly have great balance in your diet and have been able to ‘have your cake and eat it’ enjoying treats but also staying in incredible shape. What advice do you have to other young women and mothers who want to do what you’ve done?

Thank you but it is extremely hard to keep it all in balance. As a mom of 2 children, there are always new temptations in the house, holidays, birthdays, etc. I just do my best to keep focused on my goals. One tip is to never bake, cook, or even grocery shop on an empty stomach! One bite here, another bite there…it all adds up so it’s best to not feel hungry when doing these tasks.

Q          What is your impression of Aflete (a safe social platform exclusively for food, health and fitness), do you think it will have any advantages by focusing on food and fitness together?

I absolutely love it! I think connecting food and fitness is great because it overall teaches people that eating healthy and exercising goes together like PB & jelly…you can’t just have one and not the other. They both work together to achieve optimal health and your goal physique. 

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Q          What features would you like to see Aflete introduce to appeal to both the food and fitness communities?

So far I think Aflete enabling hashtags is great. Hashtags are the main avenues for a user to reach the exact topic they want to see and read about. 

Q          How can we see more of your delicious treats?

I encourage the foodie and fitness communities to follow me on my various social media sites for healthy and fun recipes, and also fitness tips.



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