If you are on a health kick then London is the place to be. In the last few years healthy food spots in London have popped up everywhere to give you a vast amount of choice when you get your lunch. It has finally become trendy to be vegan and normal to be paleo so as the demand for health food has gone up London has responded by giving consumers more choice than ever. At Aflete we love finding new places that serve fresh, healthy food in and around the UK capital so if you find somewhere you love then take a photo and share it on the app so that we can try it out too! To get you inspired here is the list of healthy food spots in London that we love.

1. Roots and Bulbs


Roots and Bulbs believe in taking the most difficult route possible to make sure that you are getting the fullest nutritional benefit from their food and drinks. We call that dedication! Their philosophy is simply to create delicious food that is transparently healthy with no unpleasant ingredients hiding behind confusing names. We recommend the Supergreens smoothie and if you need a detox then check out their juice plan to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. Roots and Bulbs are located in South Kensington and Marylebone, but if you don’t live nearby then don’t worry because they also sell a recipe book full of their famous juices for you to take advantage of at home. Photo credit: Roots and Bulbs

2. Pod


‘Our vision remains simple – to help people lead healthier lives’ The people at Pod seem to employ a very similar mantra to the one we hold close at Nomnom. Anyone who wants to make the world healthier is ok by us, especially when they make fresh food that is so delicious. There are pods popping up all over London now so check out their website to find the one nearest you and please try the gym box for a lunch that will leave you with enough energy to climb a mountain. Photo credit: Pod

3. Crussh


Another one for fresh food made every day Crussh are leading a revolution in food for fitness. They have juices and smoothies created from scratch for every order so that you get complete control over what goes into it and salad heathpots that list every single nutrient packed inside. Although they do some great wraps, noodles and soups we just love the healthpots and definitely recommend getting one or two for a mix and match lunch. The boosters in their smoothies give you a fantastic choice of health benefits so why not make it your mission to try every one. Photo credit: Crussh

4. The Natural Kitchen


Natural Kitchen invest in their food, believing that the food we eat plays a massive role in the quality of our life. They spend every morning at New Spitalfields Market carefully selecting the produce that will go into your lunch so that the ingredients they use are of the highest possible standard. We love this passion that they put into all aspects of the business and it definitely reflects in the taste! Their organic porridge with blueberries and honey is a classic done perfectly and a great healthy start to the day. Top tip: Get to the Marylebone branch and experience the frozen yoghurt bar. Photo credit: Natural Kitchen

5. The Good Life Eatery


The Good Life Eatery has an overwhelming menu that makes you realise instantly that you will simply have to keep going back until you have tried everything. All of the ingredients are wholefoods or superfoods or organic or gluten-free or diary-free or paleo, perfect for those of you following a lifestyle that has specific dietary requirements. Their goodness bowl contains quinoa and sweet potato felafel, avocado two ways and many other things that are guaranteed to will leave you glowing. Don’t forget to grab a sweet treat before you leave – they have healthy peanut butter cups. Healthy. Peanut. Butter. Cups. Photo credit: The Good Life Eatery

6. Blend and Press


Based in Neals Yard in Covent Garden Blend and Press are working towards boosting beauty and bodily health from inside out. Their juices are carefully put together so that all the ingredients complement each other for maximum health benefits and don’t disrupt your body chemistry. All of their smoothies and juices are cold pressed, meaning none of the goodness in the plants are destroyed and you get everything nature intended. Everything on the menu is a pick-me-up for a particular occasion including our favourite the ‘Recovery Juice’ which is ideal after a workout. Photo credit: Blend and Press

7. Nama Foods


In a corner of Notting Hill is a raw food explosion of taste. Nama Foods has some incredibly inventive dishes focused on convincing disbelievers that raw veganism is not dull and boring. There is a certain stigma attached to this way of eating and Nama is here to change your mind. We think you should all try their tapas selections to get a rounded idea of what they have to offer. And if that isn’t enough to convince you that raw food is amazing (and it will be enough to convince you) then definitely grab a raw dessert because they are beyond delicious. And good for you which makes it all the sweeter. Photo credit: Nama Foods

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