At Aflete we love training glutes but it can be hard to find exercises to really make you feel the burn and get the fit, tight glutes you desire so we reached out to a friend who has amazing glutes for a couple of expert tips. Rose Golbahar is passionate about fitness and over the past two years has transformed herself and her fitness and so decided to become a certified nutritionist to share her knowledge and inspiration with others. Rose shares her love of fitness both professionally and for free on her accounts on social media, enjoy her interview about achieving the glutes of your dreams…

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across you before?

My name is rose 🙂 I run the nightlife in Hollywood for 6 years now, I handle all the top clientele. From pro athletes to celebrities to musicians- I handle them all. For any VIP services in nightlife, hotels. Restaurants. About a year or so ago I got really into fitness. I’ve quit drinking for 2 years. Started a movement getting people in nightlife to become more healthy and fit. Top celebs like Kevin hart have dived into the fitness world. I became certified in nutrition. I help people worldwide- men and women of all ages- with getting into shape. I created my page in order to help motivate and inspire others to get into the fitness lifestyle. 

When did you start training?  – What motivated you?  

About a year or 2 ago, I am someone that had a long history of struggling with weight. Serious eating disorders for 15 years. Been every size from a double zero to a 16. 2 years ago I woke up and decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I took control of my own life back and worked towards getting healthy.  

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How important is your diet when training? 

Diet is more important than anything. 80% diet. 20% gym.

What type of foods you eat to be in such great shape?

Protein- fresh produce. Vegetables, good complex carbs. Nothing processed or artificial for the most part. 

What is your personal philosophy on food and fitness?

You only get one body. It is your temple. You have to take good care of it so it can take care of you. Your health is the most priceless thing you possess. Eating clean and working out is how to live a healthy and happy life. Nobody is perfect. We all love our desserts here and there and you should never deprive yourself. Enjoy life, eat healthy and indulge once in a while 🙂 

What’s the single most important thing you have learnt from you experience that would help other women who are trying to be healthier?

That it is not a diet. It’s not about weight loss. It’s a lifestyle and requires patience and gradual change. The key is to change your lifestyle. Not to crash diet/starve to lose a quick 20 lbs that you will gain right back. Focus on becoming healthy. Not losing weight. 

We can see that you incorporate loads of different training methods (Weights, sprints, tyre, body weight exercises etc.) How does this help you? 

You have to change it up and keep shocking your body. Your body will otherwise get used to what you’re doing and you won’t see results after a while. Weights are key- muscle is the key to burning fat. Explosive training like sprints and ploys is great for fat burning and leaning. My favorite is squats of course 🙂 I’m known as squat queen! And why? Because who doesn’t love a nice butt? 😉 

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Why do you like sharing fitness and food pictures/videos on Instagram? Do you do it to inspire and help other people? For fun? Promotion?

People love the videos. I do it to motivate and inspire. The fitness world is like a family to me. We all uplift and motivate each other. Nothing makes me happier than people messaging me saying their video made them get off their butt and go work out! I love to help others and spread the word about fitness. 

Currently where do you go for advice / to connect with other bodybuilders, fitness people?

I’ve connected with many big names in fitness on social media. I work with fitness companies and brands all over the country. And fitness is huge in Los Angeles so I know many people out here in that world. 

How can people see more of your inspiration?

I own @nutrimwaist – a waist trainer company, I am sponsored by @1upnutrition for supplements. Working on a leggings line and neal programs for clients. I have twitter and facebook as well and hope to start a blog soon. 

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Keep up with Rose’s journey through fitness on Twitter: @nutrimwaist which has 4,85 followers and Facebook: NuTrim Waist with 3,195 followers.



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