In the fitness industry it seems like everyone dreams of being sponsored by a well-known fitness brand. Despite how easy the fitness models make it seem, just having amazing physique is not enough!

There are a lot of fit athletes with incredible physiques who have put in the work and dedication and only ever manage to book free appearances with fitness brands.

We have worked with countless athletes and learnt the techniques that they have used to land the sponsorship of their dreams.

In this article we will share the advice and tips and show you how you can use them to land your sponsorship.

What are sponsors looking for?

Sponsors looks out for fit athletes who know have the basic knowledge of their brand or products. This doesn’t mean that just by taking their supplements you will get their attention or get signed. You will need to show wide range of knowledge of their product line.

They want to see that you are an outgoing athlete who is confident when interacting with customers and fans. You may be required to go to gyms, stores and expos to promote products.

Personality is key. You need to show enthusiasm and have a positive attitude.

However, if you don’t feel confident around large groups of people you can work on it by practising your speaking with friends and family.

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Do I need thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook?

To promote yourself as an athlete, you must be building your social network through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other preferred social media sites. In this age it’s the most effective to be get your image and persona seen.

If you are helping people get fit and healthy showcase this through your social media and give out free tips and workout ideas.

Therefore, companies like to take notice that athletes who are using social networks to their full potential, if you tried a few supplements share your opinion.

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How much do sponsors pay?

We have spoken to many athletes who have been sponsored and you should know that most sponsorship’s and contracts are becoming more of  trade off. A lot are paid but it is unlikely that it will provide a stable income as often you may not get paid.

For example a clothing company may send you a large selection of clothing in exchange for multiple social media posts, or an appearance at an event.

You probably want to know why do people want to do it if they are not getting paid. This is because they love the industry, love being athlete and love the company they work for.

Starting out like this is great because you will learn and build your foundation in the industry, ready to take advantage of bigger opportunities in the future.

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What you shouldn’t do

If you get a sponsorship remember you are representing the company and people will watch what you do outside the of work and official events.

Remember to be professional all times never good idea to let anyone see you being drunk, eating loads of unhealthy food at an event or getting flirty with people.

As people want to see their fitness models practice what they preach so be aware when your out on events or what you post on your social network.

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Our best advice someone looking for a sponsorship

We have noticed that sponsorship’s are rare and not every athlete will be signed, but you shouldn’t lose hope or take any rejection personally.

You should keep trying and be optimistic and work hard for your fitness goals, make the relationships with companies and you will get your chance.




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