So you want your business to grow, but fitting more clients in 1-on-1 is difficult with such an already very busy schedule? Getting online is the best possible move you can make! But how do you get more online clients? We share with you our best tips.

5 tips to get more online clients:

1. Make sure you are advertising yourself well – especially online!

To succeed as a personal trainer, and get more online clients, you should know how to market yourself and your business well. If you are going to be online, use the internet and social media pages as a platform to advertise yourself, your business and your services.

2. Encourage client referrals.

Come up with your own referral scheme that your current clients can use. For example, if a current client refers a friend, who then decides to sign up to sessions with you, reward your original client. This could be anything to money off a session, or a free session all together.

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3. Ensure the content you are creating is high quality.

Whether you are creating custom made plans for each new client, or have created a one off plan for multiple people to follow, it needs to be of high quality. If your plans look the part, and are filled with great content people will spread the word. Your name and your business will gain positive feedback which will lead to recommendations and this will lead to you being able to get more online clients.

4. Use current testimonials & success stories.

Get your current clients to write a short paragraph on why they choose to work with you and how you have helped them towards their goals. Use these on your website or social media pages, along with client transformations and success stories. If people can see you are consistent with your client’s results they are going to want your help too!

5. Price your products sensibly.

People are choosing to turn to online personal trainers instead of hiring a personal trainer in person as it is more affordable. Therefore, how much your price your products at is important. In an ideal world, your online programmes should cost less than it would for an hours session with you. Pricing your programmes in this way, makes them seem more reasonable than hiring a trainer from a client’s local gym. And is more likely to lead to a client purchasing another one off you in week or two.

If you want to expand your personal training career and consider creating your own online workout plans, please do sign up below  🙂

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