Over the past few years, the fitness community on Instagram has exploded. It has created a huge pool of fitness enthusiasts who are potential personal training clients, both in person or online, through video courses, custom plans and ebooks.

The problem is that success on Instagram largely depends on how many followers you have. Your follower count is one of the first things that someone sees when they visit your profile and it helps them decide whether they should follow or not.

One of the most effective methods for growing Instagram accounts is using the follow/unfollow technique. The idea is to follow Instagrammers who are interested in your niche with the hope that they follow you back, then unfollow those who don’t.

By interacting with the audience you want to reach, you’re making them aware that you exist. You will show up in their notifications and if they are a small account, they will most likely notice and check you out.

Many of the huge fitness accounts started out this way and some of them still use it today.

Although you can grow your account very fast this way, it is very time-consuming and repetitive. To make a significant impact, you would have to spend up to an hour per day liking, commenting and following accounts in your niche.

That’s where Instagress will save you countless long hours.

Instagress is a tool which you can set up very quickly and leave running day and night to manage your Instagram account. It can do everything from commenting, to following and unfollowing people with just a few clicks and for a very low cost.

Not everyone will agree with this growth strategy. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then there is no need to follow the guide.

If you are interested, follow the guide below to set up your account and grow your following, it will take you 5 minutes and, save you hours having to manually follow and unfollow every day.

As we mentioned earlier, it costs a little to keep running but you can try it out for 3 days to see if it’s something you’d like to invest in.

How to set up Instagress

To get started, head over to instagress.com and enter an email and password to sign up.

Instagress Loging

Once have signed up, you will be able to connect your Instagram account. Just click ‘Add Account.’

Instagress Welcome Page

Enter your username and password as if you are signing in to Instagram. This allows Instagress to control certain Instagram actions on your behalf.

add instagram account

Activity settings

Once you have added your Instagram login details, you will see your activity settings. It may look like there are a lot of options to choose from, but we will go through each stage one by one.

Here’s what you will see first:

Activity settings

You will have 3 days of time remaining if you have just signed and the counters will be at 0. To begin with, we recommend starting off with only likes turned on. This means that Instagress will only ‘like’ other people’s posts from your account. It won’t comment, follow or unfollow yet.

We recommend this because we don’t want to trigger Instagram’s spam filters and have any accounts temporarily blocked. By starting off with a smaller amount of activity and building up over time, it is less likely that the spam filters will be triggered.

So for now, just turn on ‘Likes’ so it shows the orange heart.

Main Settings

Scroll down and you will see the main settings:

Main settings

Again, to make sure that we don’t trigger any spam filters it’s best to keep the amount of automated activity down, to begin with. To do this, start off by setting activity speed to slow.

Artboard 2 Copy 3

Slow is the safest speed to use. Instagress will like around 480 images per day from your account. That will save you at least 1 hour of laboriously liking images each day.

Next, your media source should be set to tags.

Media Source

This means that you will interact with specific hashtags. The other options are more advanced and we don’t need to worry about those for now.

Later on, we will specify the hashtags that you will be interacting with. For now, move to the next setting which is media age and set it to 2 weeks.

Media age

This means that you won’t interact with any content that is more than 2 weeks old. Any older than this and it is likely that the content is too far down someone’s page for them to pay much attention to.

Next, set the media type to Any.

media type

This means that you will interact with images and videos, giving you a wider pool of content to engage with.

We recommend setting the minimum likes filter to 5 and the maximum to 1,000. If a post has less than 5 likes it may be from a spam account or poor content. If someone gets more than 1,000 likes per post then it’s unlikely that they will see your notification. Using these filters will give you the most chance of being noticed by someone who will be interested in your services.

Advanced Filters

advanced filters

You can ignore most of this, there are a few changes to be made. The first is the user relation filter.

user relation

We recommend setting this to both. It means that you won’t interact with your followers or accounts you follow. This way, you will be reaching people that don’t already know you, and also you won’t be commenting on your friends’ profiles!

Now set the user profile filter to high.

user profile high

With this feature, Instagress filters out accounts that look like they could be spam which is good because you don’t want to engage with fake accounts.

That’s it for this section, now it is time to add comments.


Comments are only relevant if you have the option turned “on” at the top of your page.

It is important that your comments don’t look like spam. Stay away from aggressive sales messages such as ‘Hire me as your trainer here example.com!’

We have found that using cheerful messages work well. They don’t try and sell anything, they just give some motivation or congratulations to other users. In this case, if a comment did come across as spam, there is nothing negative about the message to complain about.


The more comments you have the better. We recommend adding 5-10 comments to be safe because people and the instagram filters will be less likely to recognise the repetition.

The next section relates to who you will follow. This part is only relevant if you have ‘Follows’ turned on at the top of the page. If you don’t, then you can skip over this part.



Instagress has a feature that allows you automatically unfollowing accounts after you have reached a certain number. If you have the unfollow cycle on too, it will keep following and unfollowing over and over again. If you configure it right, this has the potential to grow your following very quickly.

Set the follow cycle to 1,000. This will leave about 2 days for the Instagrammer to follow you back before they are unfollowed. If you set to any more than this then your account will be following a large number of accounts and it may put others off from following you back. Ideally, you always want to have more people following you, then you are following because you look like someone worth following. Having more followers than people you are following gives the impression that you are being followed by the wider public, rather than simply your friends and family. This would be a good example of social proof. If you are following more people than are following you, you can think of it as ‘anti-social proof.’

unfollow source

Next, make sure that you tick ‘Don’t follow same users.’

This makes sure you don’t continually follow and unfollow the same users. It would start to get irritating for them after a while!


Now there are the ‘Unfollow’ settings.

Firstly, set the unfollow source to Instagress.

un follow source instagress

This will make sure that your automated Instagress activity doesn’t interfere with your own Instagram activity, so you don’t have to worry about unfollowing your friends and family.

The unfollow cycle should be set to the same number as the follow cycle. We recommend 1,000.

unfollow cycle

To finish this section, make sure you tick ‘Unfollow who don’t follow me back.’ You will have more than enough people to interact with.

dont follow me


The tags section depends on what niche you specialise in. For example, if you specialise in training young, male, bodybuilders you could search ‘bodybuilder’ in the “add tags” box.

add tags search

Instagress will automatically suggest other hashtags that you can use as well. It’s best to go for at least 10 hashtags so there is always content available interact with.

Tick them boxes of the hashtags you would like to use and add them.

add tags


The final section is Auto-stop. The only thing that you really need to pay attention to is ‘Stop if no activity.’

auto stop

This means that Instagress will stop if there are no posts on Instagram to interact with for 3 hours.

stop if

This could be because you are targeting hashtags that don’t get many posts, or there is a low amount of content being posted on Instagram during that time. It saves you from wasting your Instagress time if there isn’t a post to like or comment on. As long as you choose hashtags that have over 500,000 posts, you should never have this problem.

That’s it!

If you have followed these steps then you’ll be ready to go, simply scroll up to the top of the place and select “Start”.

All that’s left to do is, add a link to your latest product on AFLETE into your bio and you’ll be making money while you sleep!

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