After lots of planning and preparation, last Thursday evening saw our first ever industry event come together. And what a success it was. If we can say so ourselves! Did you manage to get a ticket for our (SOLD OUT!!) FITxTECH event last week? Or did you manage to watch the event live on Facebook? The event was a great opportunity for industry professionals to come together, network and gain expert advice from some of the industries most successful names on exactly how to make the most of the online world in regards to building and promoting their businesses. All whilst getting to feast on some delicious guilt free treats, courtesy of some of our favourite healthy brands.

For those of you that weren’t able to make FITxTECH, there was so many handy tips and advice from our panel on growing your business online, that we don’t think that you should miss out on. So in this post, we’ll cover everything that happened on the night.

So firstly, what was the idea behind FITxTECH? Aflete wanted to put together FITxTECH for up and coming fitness trainers, PTs and bloggers. The idea was to gather industry experts and create a panel-like event in which our carefully selected panel members could share all that they knew. The Aflete team had a few general questions they wanted to get the panel’s opinions on, and then control was passed over to the audience, both in the room and on Facebook, to ask any other questions they could think of.

The FITxTECH panel

Our panel were made up of five online fitness industry experts, who all have knowledge and experience within different areas of the online fitness world. So who were they?

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Zanna Van Dijk

Health and fitness blogger, personal trainer and #girlgains founder Zanna Van Dijk is a self confessed social media fanatic with an instagram following of over 109k. With her extensive fitness background, we wanted Zanna to be a part of our panel to share her success.

Alex Finch

Health and fitness blogger Alex, was originally a commercial model who slowly transitioned her career towards fitness modelling. Learning quickly how to eat well and train properly, to benefit both herself and her career, Alex created her blog ( to share her newly found knowledge with her followers. Soon after Alex’s blog came her workout plans, which she now sells online. We asked Alex to join our panel so that she could share with you the reasons behind her decision to start blogging and exactly how she creates her workout eBooks.

Christina Moi

Christina, a qualified nutritionist and health blogger at, was so successful in taking her fitness business online that she left her regular 9-5 job, to focus on fitness and nutrition full time. Christina now works with a large number of online clients, creating customised nutrition plans to help each individual she works with achieve their desired goals. We asked Christina to join us to talk through how she created such a successful business from scratch and the reasons behind deciding to put all of her focus on this new project.

Amy Hopkinson

Digital editor at Women’s Health UK, Amy Hopkinson knows all there is to know about the online world of fitness. As part of our panel, we wanted Amy to share her knowledge on creating a successful online brand and how to use social media to promote your business, as well as give us some inside tips on the apps and software that can help you make your content stand out from all of the rest.

Shan Hanif

CEO at Aflete, Shan joined the panel of industry experts to give the fifth and final viewpoint on the online fitness industry. Giving an insight into Aflete and how Aflete is able to help you to grow your online business, Shan showed anyone watching that it would be more than possible for them to be just as successful as the rest of our fitness expert panel members.

The topics of conversation

We learnt so much from the panel at FITxTECH that it would be so difficult to put it all down in writing. But we’re going to try. Did you know that in order to have an aesthetically pleasing and overall more successful Instagram page, you should stick to using the same filter for each image and make sure your top 9 photos are always of the best quality? We didn’t. But thanks to Amy Hopkinson, we do now.

How about creating a successful brand? The panel at FITxTECH all agreed that to create a successful brand for yourself, it’s important to have a face that your clients or customers can relate to – a character that is down to earth and fun to interact with. Take online success Joe Wicks for example. The BodyCoach was created in this exact way, with Joe’s knowledgeable (and extremely funny) short videos of himself cooking up his newest creations.

Also covered were the types of apps, software and marketing tools that are available to even the most beginner of bloggers and website owners. Want to track your website’s visitors? There is an analytics tool for all social media pages that can do just this. There is also programmes such as MailChip that can help you create automated email messages for your clients and built in programmes on your Mac or iPhone that can perfectly edit your vlogs or YouTube videos at no cost.

And of course the delicious treats…

To make the event even more enjoyable, we teamed up with some of our favourite health food brands. We were joined by Oppo, UFIT, Two Chicks, Yogland, Vivid, Primal PantryDessert Farms, Spoon, Bounce, Pip & Nut, GoCoco, Emily Fruit Crisps AND Punch Foods, who kept us happily fed throughout the night as well as providing so many samples for ticket holders to take home and enjoy at a later date.



Were you at FITxTECH? Do you have any feedback for us? These events are planned to benefit YOU, and we want to run more. Therefore, any feedback or suggestions you have for us are greatyl received. If there’s something you want to know or something you want more guidance on regarding the online fitness industry, please let us know!

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