Aflete got the chance to interview a young personal trainer from London about his transformation from being a chubby teen to now a lean fitness inspiration. At only 17 Morgan has progressed from just going gym and getting fit as a hobby to now doing it for a career! how impressive. He shares with us his struggles he’s come across being a young personal trainer and his own personal struggles with his fitness transformation, also he gave us some tips on how to stay motivated and focused to achieve your goal of getting fit.

fitness, abbs, workout, transformation challenge, before and after, leg workout, health, personal trainer, fitness tipsfitness, abbs, workout, transformation challenge, before and after, leg workout, health, personal trainer, fitness tips

What first made you want to change your lifestyle to become more fit and healthy?

I’ve always been an active person and participated in physical activity but what made me really get into the whole fitness lifestyle was seeing family and older guys around my area in good shape when I was younger, I used to look up to them and admire the work they put in to get in that shape. In regard to healthiness I’ve seen a lot of friends and family suffer from weight problems and health related issues such as diabetes so I eat clean and exercise to make sure I don’t end up in a situation like that.

 Would you say fitness help you build your confidence?

Fitness defiantly helped build my confidence, I’ve never been a shy Or not confident person but increases my confidence and helped me become more of a social person.

What was your biggest low (insecurities) and how did your fitness journey challenge them?

I’ve never really had any lows or insecurities. I’ve always been optimistic and positive!

Training to be a personal trainer is hard, what made you want to go down that path?

I’ve always been interested in working out and exercising, I started boxing from the age of 7 years old and ever since then I’ve maintained an interest And passion for it. I used to take friends to boxing with me and encourage my friends to workout in the gym, I enjoyed it and got a lot of good feedback about the workouts I used to put them through so I thought of trying to make a career out of something I love doing.

As a personal trainer, how did you brand yourself?

I’m still in the process of branding myself and really trying to get myself out there but I’ve used social media and my following on things like Instagram to help increase my clientèle and attract attention. Also through word of mouth for example my mum and brothers have told a lot of their friends about me and that had brought me a lot of attention. I’m also in the process of making a YouTube page which would help boost my audience.

What is the biggest success story of one of yours or your clients fitness journey? (who transformed the most from like tackling diabetes or anything extreme)

The biggest success story it’s one that surprised me, a random guy who messaged me on Twitter telling me about his struggles in the gym and how he’s finding it hard to put on size took my advice and after 9 months messaged me again showing his appreciation to the advice I had given him. Was quite a surprise as he wasn’t even A client of mine. In terms of a success story involving myself I would have to say turning from your average, slim 15 year old to now being someone who now gets asked for help and advice from people I used to look up to.

fitness, abbs, workout, transformation challenge, before and after, leg workout, health, personal trainer, fitness tips

Would you recommend other young people who have transformed themselves through the Gym and Fitness to now become a personal trainer and why?

Personal training isn’t for everyone and not very one may enjoy it but I would recommend it to my clients as its a useful way of making some extra money and gaining skills that can help in all other situations or areas of work.

Why do you think more and more young people want to become Personal Trainers?

8. Personal trainers are now starting to get a lot more exposure and credit for the work they put in through things like social media and when you do it at a high level it’s quite a well paid job so I guess more young people are recognising this and trying to use it as their advantage. There’s also a lot of courses available to become a personal trainer so it isn’t a hard industry to get in to especially with all the gyms and facilities being build the demand for trainers is on an increase.

What are the struggles of being a personal trainer?

The struggles of being a personal trainer is probably finding clients, not everyone has the money to pay for the sessions and quite often clients cancel due to things coming up or having to study and revise and if you can’t get enough clients you can’t pay the rent at the facilities you’re using to train your clients. In regards to the actual training itself I don’t really find anything difficult

What motivated you to become a personal trainer and to get fit?

More than anything a few close friends of mine motivated me and ousted me to become a trainer as they told me several times I’m wasting my ability, they were friends I go to the gym with who noticed my work ethic and told me I should make something out of it. My motivation to getting fit was to just have a better quality of life, when I workout and eat good I just feel better, a lot more happy and energetic

Where Can People Reach You?

My Twitter is @_morganholloway and my Instagram is @hollowayfitness_ which I have 3,558 followers on!



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