Natalie is such an inspiring woman who has gone through an amazing transformation. Her methods and thinking are refreshing to see. She says “If you’re on a journey to lose weight and get healthy it has to come from a healthy place inside of you” which highlights the importance of getting healthy as it could overall impact your life for the better. We at Aflete are all about meeting people who are positive and have a story to tell to help others. We reached out and asked her some questions so others can benefit from her experience and help themselves become healthier.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across you before?

I’m 31 originally from California. I live in Arizona with my 2 kids. I’m a single mom and I’ve been divorced over 2 years now. I work in home health as a traveling CNA and also have hopes to start my own business.  I currently do cross fit for my workouts and love it!

We can see you have gone through some fat loss – What motivated you to become healthier?

I first become motivated to become healthier about 2 years ago.. It was about 5-6 months after my divorce, I started to get healthier on the inside and naturally the outside followed. I started taking better care of myself and being happy with who I was becoming.

We type of training methods do you incorporate? And what’s your favourite?

The methods I first incorporated was changing my diet and doing the insanity workouts. That really was the initial start to my weight loss and gaining muscle. Then I decided to join cross fit and that has been the best investment I’ve made for myself. I also have gotten more definition doing cross fit and have gained more muscle as well.

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How many times did you workout? And currently do now?

I worked out about 5 times a week when I first did the insanity videos sometimes 6. I currently try and workout 4-5 times a week.

How important has your food been? 

Food has been pretty important especially in the beginning. But when I’m maintaining and not trying to lose weight there’s more flexibility in what I eat.

What’s the single most important thing you have learnt from you experience that would help other women who are trying to be healthier?

The single most important thing I’ve learned is to be consistent and to do it for the right reasons. If you’re on a journey to lose weight and get healthy it has to come from a healthy place inside of you. You can’t be healthy on the outside without first being healthy on the inside. They go hand in hand.

Why do you like sharing fitness and food on Facebook? Do you do it to inspire and help other people? For fun? Promotion? Get feedback?

I guess I like to share on Facebook because yes it can be inspiring and motivating for other people. I think there’s also a sense of pride and accomplishment In reaching goals and showing people what we are up to.

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Currently where do you go for advice / to connect with other fitness people? (besides facebook)

Currently for advice I talk to my coaches and other athletes at my crossfit gym. Also groups on Facebook where there’s a community of crossfiters. Also just friends that are into fitness in health, not necessarily crossfit but just into taking care of their bodies. I’m blessed to have a lot of outlets.

How did you learn about health & fitness? Read online? Follow someones plan? Or seeing what other people do?

I’ve known about it for a long time but finally decided to really take action. I had friends that were into it and yeah I would see people on line and stuff like that.

How has life changed for you after being healthier?

My life has completely changed like drastically since becoming healthier. It’s done so much for me, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. It’s boosted my confidence and my self-esteem. How I view myself and how others view me. I have more self-respect. I feel better all-around and have more energy. I sleep better. I mean seriously I could go on and on. The change is night and day. I think to myself how did I ever live before. It’s like I was asleep and now I’m awake.




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