We Interviewed Model Paris about her Fitness goals and struggles and how she over came them. She talks about anxiety for young girls and how to over come it and why she was motivated to get fit! Paris has a large fan base on Instagram (@paris.chardonnay) with 15,600 followers which increases everyday! She is seen as a young fitness inspiration and role model because of her ambitious and dedication to the gym and getting fit!

Here’s Our Interview With Her!

paris chardonnay


1. What first made you want to change your lifestyle to become more fit and healthy?

I’ve always had problems with putting on weight and its a huge insecurity of mine. So I started to train so I could fill out and tone because just eating clearly wasn’t working.

2. Would you say fitness help you build your confidence?

Fitness plays a massive part in why I’m more of a confident individual. Even though training is about seeing your body change and progress, I’ve learnt to love my body no matter what it looks like. I’m so proud that I’m working so hard on bettering myself. This is the only body I’m going to get so I’ve learnt to embrace it and love it no matter what.

3. What was your biggest low (insecurities) and how did your fitness journey challenge them?

I’ve always had problems with putting on weight and its a huge insecurity of mine. So I started to train so I could fill out and tone because just eating clearly wasn’t working. I started eating more than I did before I trained and eating the right food. Weight training has allowed me to build a lot of muscle and to be more toned. I now fill out my clothes way more and I look healthy. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am at a great stage in my journey.

4. As a Fitness Model how did you brand yourself?

Before I started promoting fitness I had a good following base so when I knew it was what I wanted to do so I took that to my advantage and now some people follow me just because of my fitness posts and advice which I think is amazing.

paris chardonnay model

5. How does it make you feel when people ask you for Fitness advice and look at you as a inspiration?

I’m so thankful and I appreciate the positive comments I get and when people rely on me to help them make a change to their lifestyle also. Sometimes I think are they really asking me,me really? And when I’m told that I’m actually an inspiration and I’ve had an impact on someone else’s life that makes me the happiest person and only motivates me to keep on doing what I am doing. It’s a crazy but amazing feeling.

6. Do you think Young people should get Fit and Healthy and why?

Hell yes. There’s nothing stopping people getting up and taking an hour out of their day to make a change to their lifestyle. They don’t even have to have access to a gym, all they need is some space and they can do home based workouts

7. What would you say is the biggest struggle of getting fit?

For me personally it would be my nutrition. Gym is a lifestyle so you cant expect to see changes if you aren’t making any to your everyday life. Its not what I’m eating but its how much,for someone who is training as much as me I should be on 4/5 meals a day. I find this very difficult to achieve as that is a lot to consume for me and it isn’t exactly cheap. But it’s called a journey for a reason so eventually I’ll get there.

8. Why do you think young people in particular Girl, have insecurities about their body and what would you recommend them to do?

Society, need I say more! Everyone has the some idea of what beauty is in their head, I’m guilty of it too but its not necessarily our fault that we think like that. Its what we see everyday and what is promoted through the media so now we all have this idea of what a beautiful women is in our heads. I would say to strive to be who you want to be,if you want to be bigger than society’s ideal then that’s what you be, if you want to be the ideal and that makes you happy then do that. Its about you and what you want in life and how you want to feel about yourself.

paris chardonnay fitness model

9. What motivated you to become a Model?

My mum got me into modelling when I was young, I started of with a casting agency and I loved it,as I got older I had more responsibilities like school and work so I decided to go freelance, I love finding my own work and working when its best for me.

10. What is your favourite Fitness quote and why?

‘Fitness is not about being better than someone else,its about being better than you use to be’

Some people think that people who embrace their bodies like myself and promote fitness are full of ourselves or superficial which is completely inaccurate. I am not trying to look better than the people around me, I am trying to look better than I did yesterday. I am not trying to be better than anyone else, I am trying to be better than I was yesterday. For some people including me, gym isn’t all about making changes to how you look,its in ways an escape and a place we go to become strong physically but also mentally and emotionally. I do this for myself, I want to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of how far I have come,when you are really into it its nothing to do with anyone else.

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