I am excited to announce here at Aflete we reached out to Lara to do an exclusive interview with us. Lara is a great social influencer who shares content to inspire others to be fit and healthy lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram @laragoalz over 30k followers, see her fitness journey. Are you struggling how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what to eat and how to train? See incredible Lara, how she does it.

Lara shares her story with us!


“I truly believe that if you put in the work, everything’s gonna pay off in the end. No matter what it is in life that you want to achieve, hard work always has and always will pay off.”

1.Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you?


“My name is Lara, I’m 23 years old and I’m a student of fitness economics. I have always loved sports and started really young with ballet and gymnastics. Later on I did volleyball, badminton and hip-hop dance classes. In the age of 18 a friend of mine introduced me to the world of fitness and bodybuilding and I started working out with him a couple of times a week. I really enjoyed the time I spent in the gym and slowly saw my body changing. I felt better about myself and got more and more confident. I tried out new workout routines, changed my exercises, bought a lot of books about nutrition, read articles on the internet and noticed that fitness had become my biggest passion. And now here I am, enjoying my everyday workouts, fueling my body with good food, studying fitness economics and working as a personal trainer”.

2.Being a student and studying to deadlines how do you manage to still to make time and workout?

I love working out in the morning, so I always try to get my workout done before I go to work or before I have to do university stuff. Sometimes it’s hard and I get so busy that all I wanna do is to get a plane ticket and escape to an island at the end of the world, but those chaotic days don’t last forever and I seem to manage everything somehow. My workout is my favorite part of the day and I would lose my mind and get really annoyed if I couldn’t get my gym session done. So getting my workouts in is nothing I need to force myself to do – it’s rather a nice escape from all my duties.


3. Is there anyone that you follow on social media for inspiration for recipes, as your pancakes post the recipe is healthy and you wouldn’t think it is?

There are a couple of nice food accounts I follow and a lot of blogger’s share their recipes on their pages, so I get my food inspirations from pretty much everywhere. I don’t really have a specific kind of account for food and recipes.

4. On your social media, we love that you are a positive influencer by your post sharing healthy balance diet.  We can see the love you have for Nutella, what advice would you give people who have a sweet tooth?

Yes, my love for Nutella is endless! I believe that it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then with something not so healthy since it’s good for your heart and soul. I definitely have a sweet tooth and get cravings like everybody, so I’m trying to distract myself from eating unhealthy things. One of the best things you could do is drink a lot of water and tea, so your stomach feels full. Veggies are also a good option to fill your stomach and they are rich in vitamins, fiber, … Another trick that helps me is eating a protein bar. I’m a big fan of protein bars and if you chose the right one they can be really satisfying. Some of them taste like candy and after eating one of those my cravings are not so big anymore.



5.You are master of doing leg workouts, what is your favourite exercise?

It’s difficult to name just a single one, so I’m giving you my three favorites: Russian deadlifts, hip thrusts and squats 🙂




Thank you Lara for doing exclusive interview with Aflete 🙂

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