Mornings are really important, because they set up how the day will pan out. Have a good morning and your mood is likely to be set in positive mode for the next few hours. Start your day off the wrong way and you might end up following that pattern until you go back to bed. At Aflete we have a few staple things that we like to do in the morning to make sure that from the moment we wake up we are getting ingraining some healthy habits.

1. Meditation

Engaging in meditation as soon as you wake up can counteract the harsh reality check you got from your alarm. Find a good meditation audio track and lie back to gently immerse yourself into the day. Be careful not to slip back into sleep though!

2. Yoga

A sun salutation can be an amazing way to wake up. Get yourself into a calm state of focus with some quiet music and a good flow to get your heart rate up and mind awake. Some inversions will get a surge of blood to your head and do more than coffee would!

3. Hydration

There are two ways you should hydrate yourself first thing in the morning. The first way is to down a litre (yes a litre) of water upon rising. This will invigorate your whole body and flush out your system ready for the day. The second thing you can do is drink warm water with a slice of lemon to alkalise your body and wake up your digestive tract.

4. Breakfast

Make sure you have a good breakfast! We can’t say it enough. Skipping breakfast or choosing something unhealthy is going to affect your food choices for the rest of the day. You are much more likely to eat healthily at lunch and dinner if you load up on essential nutrients for breakfast. Something with slow releasing energy like oats and banana would be fantastic.

5. Smile

Wake up with a smile on your face and boost your positive vibes for the day. Tell yourself you are going to have a great day and you will!

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