We spoke to George from the US Navy and how he keeps strong and fit! He tells us how counting macros has helped him reach his goals, methods he uses, along with tips for others! Enjoy our #AfleteFam

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, name, where you’re from, what you’re into etc…?

My name is George Oswald. I am in the United States Navy. I am a corpsman currently in school to become a respiratory therapist. I am from Long Island New York. I am big into fitness and hunting. Family is also important to me.

You have a strong physique – When did you start training?
I started training my senior year in high school and have been on and off since but have been consistent the last 2 years.
How long and difficult was it to get to that level?
It definitely takes a lot of work and dedication to see the results that I want. It also depends on your body type and genetics on how fast you can see results. Especially doing things natural. Results don’t happen over night so have to be consistent with diet and exercise.
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We noticed that you like to count your macros and calories. Why do you do this? How has it affected
your training?
I count my macros because I use to be fat so I’m trying to get that shredded aesthetic look. I found that counting my macros and calories definitely helped me to get where I am out today. I feel it is necessary to count your calories so you know how much to take in for a calorie deficit to drop body fat and weight or increase your calories to gain weight. Since I started counting my calories and macros I have seen the best results because I know exactly how much protein I take in a day to help with my goals.
Do you weigh your food? How do you physically calculate the macros, what’s the process? (so others can see how to do it)
I do weigh my food and I calculated my calories from multiple calorie counter websites to see what the average of them said. One site I liked was iifym.com.
What tips would you give someone who is new to counting macros?
I would suggest to really try and stay within your macros. I would also try to eat healthy foods as much as possible.
food, fitness, health, healthy food, survival, navy, lean
What are your 3 rules when counting macros?
Be consistent. Don’t add calories or macros because you worked out. Try to eat foods that are healthy and make sure you get your protein.
Can you fill up your macros with unhealthy food as long as you’re in your calorie requirement? Does that work?
As there are a lot misconceptions around….I believe it depends on the persons body type and how much body fat they have. I know people that have done it but I don’t recommend it. I would try and eat all healthy foods and in situations where you forgot food or on the run and had to get something quick where you can get something unhealthy and fit it in your macros. I have fit unhealthy foods in my macros on occasion and it did not affect me at all.
What are your favourite must eat foods?
Chicken,ground turkey, egg whites, veggies, sweet potato
Do you take supplements, if so which and why?
I take fish oil – for health and cardiovascular. I take multivitamin- health. Pre workout- focus,pump,energy. Bcaa- repair muscle and maintain muscle mass. Protein- feed my muscles and help them grow, also used to reach my protein count for the day. Creatine- on and off for muscle building.
food, fitness, health, healthy food, survival, navy, lean
What’s next for Ozzie?
I will continue with fitness and hope to someday compete and be sponsored by a company. I also enjoy helping others.
How do you feel about our app Aflete?. A place for people to share their health journeys, workouts and diet with others?
I like the app. I feel like it helps to keep people motivated and let’s others see what others are doing and eating to give there new things to try.

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