Healthy eating is something that most people feel isn’t always easy and isn’t often tasty. Dispelling such notions is one of the main reasons why Hedi Hearts does what she does. She knows just how beneficial and delicious clean eating can be when you do it right. She has set out to share her knowledge and scrumptious recipes to help other people find the joy of clean eating that she has. Hedi is from the UK but spreads positivity and good vibes to a worldwide audience through her Facebook and website, where she shares her amazing low fat creations all the time. Hedi shows us that clean eating isn’t the reserve of celebrities.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across your website / Facebook before?

Only a little bit? 🙂 I am Hedi and I am trying to spread the word about healthy eating, cooking meals from scratch using wholesome ingredients; simply helping people to fall back in love with food that loves you back. My Facebook page is dedicated to clean eating which basically means eating food as close as possible to its natural state. I share tips, ideas and hopefully inspire people to be healthier and make them think about what they are putting in their bodies. My blog is about simple, quick and tasty recipes that won’t cost the earth.

Veganism is very popular these days – When did you first think about becoming vegan? What prompted you to become vegan? How has being vegan changed your life?

Being vegan for me is definitely not a fashion trend. I was a vegetarian from when I was 13 years old and only turned vegan a year ago. I am not one of those that tries to convince people to be vegan or who feels superior, my decision came naturally. I strongly believe that a plant based diet is very powerful and has an amazing effect on how you feel, on your skin, it clears your mind and soul and of course there are the ethical reasons. I see animals as friends, not as food ☺

You have a beautiful website – what was your motivation for it when you decided to start it? And what is your aspiration for it in the future?

To be honest I started my Facebook page first. I just wanted to share what I eat and create a community where we would all inspire each other. I have an amazing following and feel very connected with my followers. I get loads of lovely messages about how I have helped to change somebody’s life, how I inspired someone to take the time and think about what they are eating or how much my posts are changing the way people think of food or emotional eating. Life is not all about being skinny and losing weight, but about being healthy, their relationship with food and positive thinking. I don’t think people realise how much what they eat affects their lives. I aspire to inspire, simple as that.

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You clearly have a passion for food, have you always enjoyed cooking?

I think I have, I remember I took my first cooking class in nursery. Apparently all I did was eat other children’s creations and packed lunches!

For people that want to get healthier, what simple changes you think they can make to their food intake?

Very simple, start by eliminating all the junk and processed food. Next read the labels and ingredients of your food, swap low fat for full fat, avoid sugar and up your water intake. Remember this is not about depriving yourself.

What advice you have for people who are trying to get healthier / improve their lifestyle?

Start slowly and do a lot of research. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed immediately, it is better trying and failing rather than giving up. Break through the mental barriers and take little steps and understand why you are doing it. Don’t follow any fad diets, this should become your lifestyle. Your body is a reflection of what you are, so if you want to look healthy you have to eat, sleep, and breathe healthy. Lastly exercise! Exercise not only improves your body, it’s also proven to increase your mental function

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Do you count calories? Or follow any other methodology?

Absolutely not, I am strictly against it. I always say I count chemicals not calories. How can you compare 300 calories of French fries with 300 calories from avocados and nuts??  My methodology is eat healthy, not less.

You like to use dates, honey and cacao in your healthy desserts? Are these better than sugars and chocolate? As they are also sweet?

Err, I would say I am a bit obsessed with dates and raw chocolate. Dates in particular are so much better than refined and processed sugar, your body can process them much faster while still enjoying its benefits. Sugar is a drug and is as addictive as cocaine. It affects our bodies and minds and has a negative impact on our lives. Try to cut out sugar for a week and you will see how big the withdrawal effects are. I know people who physically couldn’t get out of bed, felt sick, nauseous, experienced depression, anger, mood swings and anxiety. Once you get over the first week, you will have loads of energy, a clear mind and feel so much happier. I promise!

We see you have your own brand Helo Health with your friend Louise. How important is to have support from friends when trying to be healthier? How has this impacted you?

It was actually Louise who first introduced me to clean eating and shared her clean granola recipe with me. Most of my friends are health conscious freaks to be honest.  The impact has been amazing. I did my very first marathon a few months back thanks to high energy levels and I have become a proper gym rat because exercise plays a huge role when trying to be the healthiest version of yourself.

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What type of foods you prepare for your kids? Do they enjoy your clean eating recipes?

I don’t force my creations on my family, however I can confirm they do enjoy them ☺

How can people keep up with you and contact you?

I would love them to come and say hi on my Clean Eating Facebook page. If they need help with starting their weight loss and well-being journey I can’t recommend enough our 3 Month Clean Eating Challenge. If not convinced, read the review on HeloHealth, they are all genuine. If you are after some delicious and tasty recipes check out my HediHearts blog where you can find my latest E-Books. I am also on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest or email me on

Be sure to follow Hedi on Aflete @hedi.5 to see more of her clean eating vegan treats!




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