At Aflete we were recently lucky enough to snag an interview with Canadian national men’s physique athlete, fitness model and personal trainer Collin Joseph. Collin has a superhero like physique and inspires close to a hundred thousand followers on his social media and judging from these pictures there’s nobody else we would want to listen for our fitness advice!

Here’s some of his tips to a perfect physique



Q. For those who don’t know you can you tell us a little about yourself?

‘Through my early teenage years I was a smaller size for my age which in turn led to others to pick on me and bully me. It wasn’t until I was 13 and had learned that my high school had a football team and with that football team there was a weight lifting program incorporated. I began my grade 9 year at 140lbs. Now being a young male who enjoyed physical contact and being from a small town there was ample opportunity for trouble to be made, right?…. right! After having my football coaches hear some stories of my shenanigans around town they approached me with an ultimatum, either smarten up or sit on the bench the entire season. So over the next 2 years I dedicated myself to the weight room and I asked anyone who knew anything about health & fitness questions about nutrition, muscle building techniques, exercises… Anything I could do to educate myself on how to better myself physically. In my senior year I weighed 170lbs and was awarded my league’s MVP for most valuable defensive back as well as my teams MVP for most valuable defensive back for setting a league record for most interceptions in one game and one season.’

‘After I was done playing football and graduated I started competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling tournaments, after winning regional and provincial tournaments I decided to compete in MMA and Muay Thai kick boxing. After competing in several Muay Thai kickboxing & MMA bouts I had been looked at by a physician who informed me that an injury to my head sustained in my youth would prevent me from competing any more in MMA or Muay Thai kickboxing. After a whirlwind of confusion and self-doubt I came to the conclusion that I could no longer sit around and wallow, I started doing research into competing in Men’s Physique competitions. I had always been amazed by the dedication it took to acquire such physiques and so began a new passion.’


Q. Your physique is unbelievable – when did you know you wanted to develop your body this way and when did you start training?

‘November 28th 2012 I committed to my very first Men’s Physique Competition, fast forward 2 years and I am now preparing for one of the biggest competitions in the world, the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio March 7th.’

Q. You have amazing abs and have published the eBook ‘8 Week Aesthetic Abs’ what can people expect in the eBook?

 thank you very much, I developed this eBook and programs to basically give anyone from beginner to advanced athlete the opportunities to develop great abs. the eBook includes

• 35 pages of information to help you achieve those rock hard abs
• Over 30 fully illustrated photographs demonstrating exercises, nutrition and target training
• Nutrition tips
• Grocery guide
• Target training tips & muscle anatomy
• Two 4 week progressive abdominal training programs to ensure you’re always progressing

Q. Your lats are massive – what are your favourite exercises to bring out the ‘V-taper’ of your physique?

‘I’m a strong believer in Pull ups, one of the staples in my training is pull ups, I begin every second training day with weighted wide grip pull ups and I attribute this to majority of the muscle mass I have been able to add to my lats as well as deadlifts and bent over rows would be my 3 favourite back exercises.’

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Q. You also run a fitness challenge with cash prizes for the best male and female transformations – where did you come up with that idea and how exactly does it work?

I came up with the idea of rewarding the best transformations with cash because lol who doesn’t like money as an incentive. As well as free supplements for the runner up a supplement stack from PEScience. I just want my clients to achieve their goals and if a little cash and free supplements from a quality product help than that’s what they will get lol. Visit and use promo code “CJFIT50” to receive 50% products.

Q. As a personal trainer and online fitness coach what gives you more pleasure – seeing your own gains or seeing the gains of a client and knowing your work and advice has helped other people?

 I enjoy seeing my personal gains but I am more motivated by others generally so when I see the progress of my clients it really fires me up and helps motivate me or chatting with them and hearing the excitement in their voices or hearing their improved confidence. So both.

Q. Do you think the inspiration pages on Instagram can give beginner lifters an unrealistic picture of how bodies should look and what they should expect to achieve themselves as people often meticulously select their most flattering pictures to portray themselves and their physiques?

Yes I feel as if some “newer” people to the fitness community or beginners can see these amazing fitness models and fitness icons and not take into account that they are years into their fitness journey and can compare certain aspects of their own physiques to them and be disheartened.

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Q. Developing a physique like yours clearly takes a lot of time and dedication and people have trouble fitting regular exercise into their days. You used to be an oilfield welder – can you tell us what a typical day was for you and how you were able to achieve the results you did?

When I was working as an oilfield welder it was definitely a very difficult situation for me to be training not to mention be training for the biggest event in Canada, Canadian Nationals. I was in a remote working camp in Northern Alberta Canada. My typical day would consist of

-3:15am wake up: do my cardio and lighter weight training such as abs or calves

-5:30am: a 45 minute drive work site

-6:30am: work 12 hours welding, cutting, grinding and hauling metal

-6:30-7:00pm: 45 min drive back to the camp I was staying in

-8:00pm: train specific muscle group for that day

-9:30-10:00pm: eat, sleep & repeat

Q. Quitting your job as an oilfield welder was a massive step for you in achieving the life you have today – what considerations did you make beforehand and what advice would you have for someone thinking of quitting their job to peruse a career path like yours?

 lol I actually didn’t consider too much before quitting, I just knew that health and fitness were always something that were very important to me and I knew that it’s something many people take seriously so I knew with my passion and work ethic I wouldn’t have a problem making it in the fitness industry.


Q. What do you think of Aflete (a social app for 100% food, health and fitness aiming to provide a supportive and safe community to people) and do you think it can be more beneficial than current platforms to other fitness enthusiasts?

I think it’s a great app, I came across it a little while back and definitely think it’s a great tool for helping others achieve their fitness goals whether it be motivation or education.

Q. What features would you like to see included in Aflete? What features do you think would be beneficial for people serious about fitness?

I think that it’s a great format the only thing I can think of would be maybe some more videos on proper form for lifts, I think that is a subject that gets overlooked a lot. Everything is very informative and great though in my opinion.

Q. How can people see more of you?

Instagram: @collinjoseph_fit as well as my client/training account @collinjoseph_training
Facebook: Collin Joseph Fitness

collin joseph, nomnom, physique, fitness, health, muscle, healthy,


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