At Aflete we know that being fit and healthy isn’t always easy so when someone makes the transformation from fit and healthy to SUPER fit and healthy we have to sit up and take notice. Haley Erin, is an experienced personal trainer and a very fit young woman but 3 years ago she stepped up her fitness even further to become an NPC bikini competitor! Haley isn’t just in great shape herself, it’s also her job to get other women into fantastic shape too so we were incredibly glad to get a few fitness and nutrition tips from her.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across you before?

I have been in the fitness industry for 13 years. I started out teaching aerobics at the age of 17 and at 23 I became a personal trainer. I am certified through ace and AFAA. I also am an NPC bikini competitor and have competed in 3 shows and am nationally qualified. My biggest passion in the fitness industry is helping women feel happy and confident with themselves when they felt hopeless and ashamed. There’s nothing more satisfying than changing a woman’s outlook through simple minor changes in their daily diet and fitness routine. 

When did you start training?  What motivated you?

I began working out at 16. At 15 I developed anorexia, but by 17 I overcame it and through understanding diet and exercise and how it is so important to the human body I learned to be happy and healthy. 

How important is your diet when training? 

Diet is 70% of training. You can workout all day and night but if you don’t have willpower and aren’t committed to eating healthy and staying away from junk food your body will never have the results you want. 

We can see that you competed in bodybuilding / fitness competitions? How was that as an experience? Any advice for others that wish to do so and may be intimidated?

Competing is one of the best things I could have ever done. I’ve made some of the best friends through this sport and it has taught me so much about my body I would have never known. It challenges your mind and body in a way you didn’t know possible. It’s so fun to see the changes and know you are capable of completing something so hard but yet fun.

My advice is just to get out there and do it. Life is short and you never want to have any regrets. You never want to look back and wish you had competed.

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What’s the single most important thing you have learnt from you experience that would help other women who are trying to be healthier?

I learned NOT TO STARVE YOURSELF!! I eat small high protein meals every 3 hours. Years ago I thought that the way to lose weight was to not eat for hours on end. I would have headaches and feel crappy. The concept is crazy but you have to eat to lose weight. The right food and the right amount of calories will give you that lean sexy look NOT starving yourself…also the scale is bullshit and I went 12 years without weighing myself so throw away your scales!! 

What’s a typical workout week for you? How often do you change your routine and method? Also tell us your favourite exercise?

My on and off season are different routines. My body responds to cardio to lean out when I’m getting ready for a show but off season I cut my cardio. I also lift 5 days a week and I change my routine every month or so. I’ve gotten to know my body quite well and I can look at my body and feel when it’s time to change it up whether it be weight training or cardio. 

My favorite exercise is a deadlift!

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Currently there is a huge trend in working glutes. What would be the best 3 exercises from your experience?

Glute training is definitely important. Who doesn’t want a nice round booty? 

  1. Deadlifts 
  2. Bridges aka pelvic raises 
  3. Squats 

Any tips on number of sets, reps etc? Or general advice for people to follow? 

General advice is hard because everybody’s body is different. 

I recommend females to train upper body in 3 sets of 15 to stay lean and sexy and lower body heavy like a man to gain muscle at 4 sets of 10-12. The best advice I say with weight training is you know you are at your right weight, no matter the reps, when the last 2 reps are  heavy you almost feel like you need help…that good burn. 


How does it feel to help others now that you have gone through it all yourself?

I have this love and satisfaction for helping others. I have spent hours on end researching and learning and understanding diet and weight training. If I can share any bit of that information with people that can use it to help their life I will. When you see someone applying your advice and their body has dramatic changes and the smile on their face you can’t help but to share in their joy.

Why do you like sharing fitness and food pictures/videos on Instagram? Do you do it to inspire and help other people? For fun? Promotion?

I 100% share picture on Instagram to inspire others. It was others accounts that helped me understand and get started into the competition world and again on those gruelling cardio sessions or exhausting prep days getting ready for a show other accounts got me motivated so I know how just a simple photo can help and I like to give back. 

How would you feel about Aflete, a social app purely for food, health and fitness?

I think it’s great! I love anything that informs people about health and fitness and motivates people to make a change or continue in their fitness journey. 


Is there anything you would like to promote, brands etc? And How can people see more of your inspiration?

I do not promote anything I do not believe in. I’m thrilled with the company’s that sponsor me now 1 up nutrition @1upnutrition and total nutrition west Islip @totalnutriton_wi

Haley Erin 

IG Haley_Erin_Fit which I have 16.2k followers on.

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