People are always wondering when the best time to workout is. The truth is, there’s really no universal best time for an exercise routine. You have to think about what your schedule is, how do you feel during the day. I am going to discuss the pros and cons for 3 different times in a day, if you are thinking about when to exercise please read the blog and hopefully you will have a better understanding what works for you.

First thing in the morning

the best time to workout and run

Many of us feel fresh in  the mornings so you feel like the first thing you want to do is exercise but however others feel terrified of the idea of exercising first thing in the mornings due to other commitments. If you enjoy exercising in the mornings because you are up early, I would suggest you go for it! Schedule wise, it’s easier to get the daily routine out of the way and you will feel positive morning workout is done and dusted to avoid anything else getting in your way.

On an other note, I would recommend if you are going to do morning workout it is important to stretch because your body will be nice and relaxed during the night, so you will sleep well, make sure you don’t forget to stretch before you exercise!

A downside to a morning workout if you don’t eat well enough before you workout you may feel tired, so make sure you have a snack if you have have time such as a banana.



If you have time to workout in the afternoon or squeeze workout during your lunch break, why not? At noon, your body is more warmed up so you can do resistance training or why not try something new and join a class! Most of us may feel better working out during afternoon because we have done our morning duties and feel less guilty of squeezing a workout in. We also tend to be fuelled so we are burning to exercise, you will definitely feel the difference by mind and soul. The downside to this could be not finding time as you get busy or distracted throughout the day. If you are planning on working out in the afternoon, make sure you plan your session and eat well during the day.


evening workout

Evenings are the busiest time at the gyms. People like to train after they finish work which can mean you have to wait for equipment and having your workout disrupted. If you are lucky enough to go to a gym that doesn’t get too busy, evenings are a great time to workout. Just make sure you have eaten well with balanced nutrition. Just a tip for those who exercise in the evening:

  • Watch what you eat and when you eat it
  • Have dinner after your workout so you are feeding your muscles for speedy recovery.

Here comes the downfall of planning evening workout, you may feel tired and be put off to do any exercise, you will at this point need a lot of discipline, but you can do it!

Please do let us know when is the best time for you to squeeze in a workout! 🙂




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