Aflete loves to see young people cooking and so do a lot of others!

When we heard about a young lady who is sharing her love of food and cooking with over 123 thousand followers we had to find out why her food is so popular.

Lin is a chocolate lover but also creates a whole host of sweet and delicious treats.

A thoughtful young lady, Lin promotes confidence and body positivity through her love of food as a way to engage other young people to think about what they eat and enjoy food the right way.

As a hugely popular cook and recipe creator we were very fortunate to get Lin’s thoughts on food, health and social media.

Enjoy our interview with her…

Q – Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do for anyone who hasn’t come across your Instagram or blog before?

So hello! I’m Lin, a 15 year old teen from Singapore. I run a blog called So Fine Was The Morning and the Instagram account @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie, where I post my recipes and my meals/adventures in the kitchen respectively. I’m very passionate about cooking, baking, photography and drawing and my blog is one that aims to allow people to discover new ways to nourish themselves and feel the best that they can both physically and otherwise, through nurturing a balanced lifestyle that is as close to the earth as possible and a positive, healthy mindset.

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Q – Your food is incredible – how did you develop such a love of food and when did you start cooking?

Ah thank you for being so kind! I’ve always had a passion for food and the culinary world, since young I’ve been helping my mum painstakingly snip walnuts into the right size for cakes and sift flour and as I grew older I loved to snip out newspaper articles about food and collect them in files. I only started cooking much later though, around 13 years old.

Q – Chocolate seems to be a recurring theme in your cooking, what is your earliest memory of eating something with chocolate in it?

It’s one of my favorite flavors and foods, yes! My earliest memory has to be the black forest cake I had for my fourth birthday.

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Q – With such a huge emphasis on ‘skinny’ alternatives to treats and diets on many food blogs do you feel that through food young women are being pushed towards certain body ideals?

Yes, I do feel young people of all genders—not just women alone—are being pressured to mould themselves to a false societal construct of a certain body ideal or what is commonly perceived as physical perfection, and certain marketing strategies such as labeling products as ‘skinny’ and creating brands centered around weight loss and diets all to achieve the aforementioned false ideal do help perpetuate such an unhealthy mindset. It helps breed the misconception that everyone should achieve this certain ideal by fueling items that allegedly will help you arrive at this ideal and marketing them as desirable and attractive because of that.

Q – On your website you say body positivity is very important to you – in practice what does it mean to you and how can other young women achieve it?

Body positivity to me means accepting that no one is perfect, knowing your own flaws and taking them as they are, and realizing that despite what you may perceive as negative and falling short of a certain idea about yourself, you are still a beautiful and unique individual with many talents and incredible capacity and ability and deserve to be treated with kindness. It’s basically about taking what you may use as weapons against yourself in the forms of criticism and negativity, acknowledging it instead of negating it, and learning that it’s alright and that it is okay and that these do not define you as a person. I think achieving body positivity is something deeply personal to every individual and depending on the person the time taken to reach such a level of acceptance and peace will differ, but it definitely won’t happen overnight! People can start by coming to terms with things they find unhappy about themselves and thinking deeply about the importance of these flaws, and then deciding on how they impact their lives and if they should have this magnitude of impact.

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Q – When you started getting interested in cooking how much of an influence was social media for you then and how much of an influence is it now?

It wasn’t a strong influence at the beginning actually, it was just a form of documenting my kitchen adventures! I started out quite out of the know and very much amateur, but now social media gives me new ideas and new platforms to explore and nurture relative to my own creative process — it has also allowed me to interact with many people from many different places with similar passions and interests, and who have influenced me greatly through their own personal journeys.

Q – You have a wonderful blog and have become incredibly popular on Instagram with over 120,000 followers – a major achievement for any chef, let alone one who is only 15 years old! Does that popularity create pressure for you when coming up with new recipes?

Thank you so much for being so kind! I’d like to say the amount of followers is only a number, though I am very grateful for each and every single one of them and the support they lend me every day, but I do feel pressured occasionally to rise to expectations and produce the best I can. It’s not altogether bad — a little stress is healthy and allows me to have that element of competitive nature and the desire to work harder and achieve greater heights. Admittedly it can cause me to get into dilemmas when wondering if what I am working on will be appealing to such a wide audience, but it’s all a matter of perspective. At the end of the day no matter how popular what I produce will be it will be me who created it, and me who will have to be totally satisfied with the end product as something I have created.

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Q – How do you balance building your cooking career and online following with school? Do you see cooking and or food journalism as something you want to pursue as a career or is it more of a hobby for you?

As a student I have to put schoolwork as my utmost priority, and this sentiment is one my parents reinforce strongly and I do hold on to as very important although it does cause me to lose out on opportunities occasionally. I do remember that I am lucky to have an education and I should appreciate and make the most out of this privilege, even though I’ve been given the opportunity to develop in other extracurricular areas. I normally bake on Fridays, holidays or weekends and only occasionally post on school days as a personal rule. I would honestly love to pursue food journalism, photography and cooking at a higher level but for now it has to remain a hobby, and I’m still not altogether confident that I will have enough aptitude to excel at a professional level! I still have a lot to learn.

Q – Do you think Aflete (a safe social platform exclusively for food, health and fitness) can have any advantage over the current platforms for the foodie community? 

I love the idea of Aflete, I think the concept behind such a platform is absolutely fantastic and it has been executed to an impressive and hugely impactful level that has incredible potential to be a driving force for the health, food and fitness community. The fact that it’s a safe community means that people can share openly and interact without harassment or the many dangers commonly associated with social media, which elevates its appeal and also creates a conducive environment for fostering incredible relationships between the users. This by itself is an advantage, as I’ve never heard of such platforms that openly and actively reinforce such an important rule and such a positive community will be absolutely incredible! Besides that however, the whole environment of friendly interaction and a communal sharing of fitness and health is such a people-centered concept and allows a different level of personality as compared to other apps that are considered popular right now — fitness tracking, calorie counting apps. Aflete promises a more personal and less mechanical approach to everyone’s own individual and unique journey of health, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

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We want to say a big thank you to Lin for taking the time to share her thoughts with us and we hope to be back with more of her and her incredible cooking very soon!



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