Recently at Aflete we were fortunate enough to interview one of the best food photographers around, André Lindo, who we first encountered on Instagram under his profile @lindocafephotography.

We took the opportunity to find out what makes a great food photo and how food impacts the other areas of his work and life and what it’s like working with his super chef wife Nazia, in and out of the Kitchen.

Can you tell us about your company and introduce yourselves?

Lindo Cafe Photography is a small photography business specialized in shooting food, portraits and weddings. Our main focus is food. André Lindo (photographer) has been shooting for almost 2 years now and Nazia Lindo (Chef, stylist) has been professionally cooking for 7 years now. By day, Nazia works as a cook and Andre works as an in-house New Media Designer.

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How did you get into food photography?

I’ve always loved photography. As far as I can remember, once I had the money to purchase a camera, it never left me.  Taking snapshots became a hobby, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when I began to take it seriously; so I started shooting anything I could find! I was watching a Scott Kelby episode of ‘The Grid’ and he said “photographers should find something we love shooting and stick to that”. So I thought, my wife is a chef, I love food, and I love photography…FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, BINGO! What a great opportunity for us to spend time with each other while doing what we love; she cooks and I document.

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What makes a good food photograph? What camera do you use?

I believe that a good food photograph has the power to make someone crave something that wasn’t even on their mind; that mouth watering, gotta have it now, I’m going to eat the page/phone/screen kind of feeling. The reason photos are clean and crisp is because of the lighting I use. I tend to use natural light because the food looks amazing in it. The cameras I use are the Lumix DMC-GH4 and the Canon 5D Mark II.

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Your wife’s cooking is incredible – how did she get into cooking? Did she want to showcase her cooking before you started photography or did you influence her?

Thank you! I have the privilege of getting to eat all of her creations.  Anyone who knows her knows that she grew up hooked on the food network channel. She loved watching the shows for the fun of it and would try to come up with her own creations (they weren’t all a success but being in the kitchen was her playground).  She would prepare candlelight “gourmet” meals accompanied by jazz music for her mom and sister and seeked constructive criticism, that was her kind of fun. It inspired to her go George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario to become a cook. I’m always looking for content to shoot and Nazia has a skill set to make my photos look beautiful, so, it was a natural progression to have her be my personal food stylist.

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How does shooting your wife’s cooking work in your relationship? Is it a positive thing to work together for such beautiful photos or is it stressful working together?

It is sometimes stressful because we want to produce the best work and there are times when hunger beats work. We want to be able to show potential clients our level of expertise but instead of putting time into styling and photographing our meal, we just want to eat it! Haha, my wife isn’t a happy camper when she’s hungry. Working together is fun, our day jobs keep us apart long enough so it’s nice having something we can share. Nazia is even learning to shoot and I am learning to cook and style. Our end goal would be to be like the ‘white on rice’ couple, Todd Potter & Diane Cu. They are a huge inspiration to us, they have awesome chemistry and of course are creative geniuses!

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Food sharing is very popular – Why do you think that is and why do you share food photos on Instagram and on your blog?

I believe Food is what connects us. It’s a common ground that everyone can relate to, a basic need to survive. We now have created these industries that promote food as an experience and people love it. Here in Toronto, you experience the world by eating at many restaurants. Sharing photos stirs up conversations, it shares a piece of you; I’m just happy to be a part of it all.

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How people can keep up with you and your work?

We’re really hitting it up with the social media factor and would love for everyone to check out our work.  We post on Instagram daily, tumbler and Facebook once a week, our website, twitter, and 500px often. We would love the opportunity to work with anyone wanting food photography. In this day and age, geography isn’t an issue; just send us a recipe and we will shoot and style it for you. We’re also willing to fly out anywhere in the Caribbean (if you need us there), at your expense of course *wink wink*.

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You can see more from André and Nazia Lindo:


Instagram: @lindocafephotography


Twitter: lindo_cafe




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