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follow the leader

It is easy for a post to get drowned away on Twitter. So get involved in what is trending, the top trending hashtags, trending conversations and be visible in things that are popular.

Just ensure they are things that relate to what you are all about.. FITNESS!


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share your knowledge

Share quality to content that your audience finds value you in.

Short workouts, short recipes, meal ideas, etc.

This creates trust and when your audience believes in you they will believe in your service.


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take charge

On Twitter if you want someone to acknowledge your post you need to be direct! Being direct and assertive is more chance of someone reading your post, because you will only have a few seconds before they just keep on scrolling.


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keep up the frequency

Keep a high frequency of posts going out so you get noticed! If your followers keep seeing your username appearing in their feed they are more likely to stand up and take notice! Remember keep posts frequent and direct.


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be the entertainment

Engage your audience, use features like Images, GIF’s or Polls, to be more eye catching and tools to encourage your followers to interact with you.

If you want to expand your personal training career and consider creating your own online workout plans, please do sign up below  🙂

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