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be seen

Post regularly to keep your followers engaged and in the know. From your PT sessions, healthy meals, or even if you just stopped for a fresh juice, let your followers know what you are doing to give them reason to follow you and therefore to trust you.

Best times of the day to post:







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captivate your audience

Instagram is all about capturing a moment! Make every moment look special. Take lots of snaps at anyone time of a particular place or activity and use the best one to post. Followers will stop scrolling through their feed when content is aesthetically pleasing.


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love your followers

Frequently engage with your followers, like there stuff, if they comment then comment back, if they @ mention you in a post then comment and like it, maybe even repost it! Show them that you value them and their engagement by consistently engaging with them. Ask them questions, answer their questions, other advice or tips, a great way to demonstrate that you are a reliable source of insight.


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stay awake

Instagram is a great way for potential clients to get an impression of you if they were to hire your services. Be responsive, they may engage with you to get a feel of what you are like or even to ask questions to get more info. So don’t leave them waiting too long!


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share useful content

Share what your users want! If you share a moment of a PT session, then caption it telling your audience what the workout is. Share transformations, if you are sharing your meal caption the nutritional information and the recipe.

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