We Have Solved Problem To Cure Your Cravings By These Delicious Protein Desserts Without The Guilty Pleasure!

Here at Aflete we don’t think you should have to give up dessert just because you have decided to focus on being fit and healthy. In fact, if you just change the way you think of dessert then eating it might actually aid your training routine. We have found some delicious sweet treats to have after dinner that are packed with protein and whole foods, meaning you can have a little bit of what you like just by swapping out some of the simple carbohydrates.

Checkout these 5 Healthy Protein Desserts:

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Energy Bites

chocolate peanut butter

Everyone knows that peanut butter is your best friend when it comes to treats high in protein, but GimmeSomeOven has gone a step further and added chocolate to make these energy balls into little mouthfuls of heaven. Find the recipe on her blog here. Photo credit: GimmeSomeOven

2. Banana Oat Protein Muffins

healthy protein desserts


At only 100 calories each it is just a bonus that these delicious fluffy muffins have an extra boost from added protein powder. Alongside that they are sugar free and refined flour free so you can eat as many as you like, right? Check out the AmbitiousKitchen’s suggestion that you top them with Nutella – bliss. Find the recipe on her blog here. Photo credit: AmbitiousKitchen

3. Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta Pots



These dairy free panna cottas use a secret ingredient to get that beautiful smooth texture. Veganism never looked so good! With zero sugar and 10g of protein per serving these pretty treats are perfect for a more elegant healthy dessert. The recipe is on TheFitFoodie blog here. Photo credit: TheFitFoodie

4. Berrylicious Yoghurt Pops

Berrylicious Yoghurt Pops


Perfect for the last dregs of summer heat, these yoghurt ice creams look lovely and contain a hidden punch of protein powder. Not just for dessert these have the potential to be an anytime sweet tooth soother. Did I mention they only contain three ingredients? Too easy not to try. The recipe is on the BaseBodyBabes blog here. Photo credit: BaseBodyBabes

5. Cookie Dough Protein Shake

cookie dough


Ok so I know you probably came to this page looking for something that wasn’t a simple protein shake, but can I argue that this isn’t a simple protein shake? The words ‘cookie dough’ should qualify it as a decadent dessert alone.  Throw in the chocolate chips and I think it needs to be on this list. If you still want something that isn’t a shake then ChocolateCoveredKatie has you covered, so have a look at a few of the other things on her blog here. Photo credit: ChocolateCoveredKatie

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