AFLETE v Shopify and others


A thousand times more suited for influencers than Shopify.

AFLETE gives you the ability to monetise your social media. We speicalise in digital content which other platforms such as Shopify do not offer. Our belief is to do all the work for you so you can focus on creating content and growing your following. You don’t need to pay for hosting, start coding, do support emails as we do everything for you. We generate 1000’s each month for our influencers and you can start now too.


We do all the work (manage it for you)

You to nothing besides picking the design you like and provide the content.
We do all the work to develop, launch and support.

Mobile Design

Our team knows how to design for Instagram and Youtube. Within 3 taps your followers can make a purchase. We don’t use standard templates that are made for everyone.

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Your own Account Manager and Team

Your own Account Manager and Team

App for your followers

An app for your followers!
it’s 2017. People no longer want to be printing and reading e-books or using excel spreadsheets. We at AFLETE provide an app to your followers completey for free! Our influencers sell 70%
more due to people wanting an app to browse the content they purchased.


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