More about AFLETE

AFLETE is a leading influencer platform. Made for the new social media generation who love to use social media daily and build their careers around it. We have built a new platform from the ground up which allows any influencer to launch thier own personal brand and sell any type of digital content and physical product. Everything is automated from sales, payments to fullfillment.

Our Story

AFLETE was founded by Shan Hanif who saw an opportunity in 2014 when social media was gaining popularity amongst the general population. The first concept was to build a social media app based around Health and Fitness where people can share fitness and chat to other like-minded individuals. Despite the app having thousands of users and reaching the top of the app charts, overtime the explosive growth of Instagram led to users having low retention.

From this experience Shan saw a gap in the market which was Influencer e-commerce. As social media kept on maturing the larger more established influencers needed a way to take their channels to a new level and turn into brands. This lead to the start of AFLETE in October 2016 and since has become the leading influencer platform with thousands of transactions a day and hundreds of large influencers as clients. The journey has only started and we are excited about the next chapter at AFLETE.

BUT - What about the name?

AFLETE is someone who focuses on their own career over anything else. Adapted from the urban dictionary here.